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Your home is the one place you can go to feel safe, to get away from it all, and to know that you and your family are secure. Without that security, you might end up with a house, not a home. 

If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for all of your home’s climate, plumbing, and electrical systems, you won’t find a more accommodating company than Comfort Experts Inc. We’re committed to home services that will keep your home feeling comfortable no matter what. 

Our knowledgeable team of plumbers and HVAC contractors is committed to providing you with affordable comfort and outstanding customer service. Whether you need something as involved as a new heater installed or routine maintenance like an HVAC tune-up, we’re ready to serve the Fort Worth, TX, area.

Air Conditioning Services in Fort Worth

If you live in Fort Worth you know how important having a working air conditioner is to your home. Between the scorching temperatures of the Texas summer and the unpredictable winter weather, your AC needs to be ready to go at all times. We can provide you with all kinds of HVAC services, from fixing problematic heating and air conditioning to AC installation, or even your annual or biannual AC tune-up. 

AC Tune-Ups in Fort Worth

No matter how well your system works, it can always benefit from a regular AC tune-up to ensure it’s working at maximum efficiency. A tune-up can also pinpoint any malfunctions that might not be noticeable without a thorough inspection. 

An HVAC check-in also includes a good cleaning and new air filter, leaving you with a fresher, healthier home. 

Before doing any work, we’ll review your options and discuss whether you might need a repair or replacement.

AC Repairs in Fort Worth

From refrigerant leaks to malfunctioning thermostats, AC problems can be some of the most aggravating to deal with for Texas homeowners. If you end up with an HVAC dilemma and think you need an AC repair, chances are time is not on your side. 

Our professionals are equipped to handle minor repairs, but we’re also ready to handle any emergency AC problems. Whether you find yourself in a frustrating predicament or a severe emergency, we’re ready to help.

Heating Services in Fort Worth

While the outside heat might get all the attention most of the year, temperatures in Fort Worth can drop unexpectedly and quickly in the winter. When that happens, you’ll want to be prepared so you can keep your home comfortable. 

The Comfort Experts team understands the importance of keeping your home warm and cozy throughout the year. We offer our customers comprehensive heating tune-up and repair to provide invaluable peace of mind when you need it most.

Heating Tune-Ups in Fort Worth

Do you find your heating system isn’t working as well as it used to? If you’re experiencing rising heating costs, weaker airflow, loud or unusual noises, or just not enough heat coming from your vents, it’s time for a call to Comfort Experts Inc. 

We’ll check all of your systems from top to bottom to make sure they’re working as intended. We’ll also figure out whether you need a repair or replacement for your heater. If it’s been a while since your last heating tune-up, get in touch with us to get your heater back to its usual self again.

Heating Repairs in Fort Worth

Heating repair isn’t always at the forefront of every Texas homeowner’s mind. But the reality is, your heater can go unused for months, and because of that you might not realize there’s something wrong until you need heat. 

If you need emergency heater repair, it’s never too late–we’ve got you covered. No matter how big or small the repair is, we pride ourselves on being the first responders in these difficult situations to keep the Fort Worth community safe during all kinds of extreme weather.  

Heating Installations in Fort Worth

A well-made heater can last for quite a while. Unfortunately, like all home appliances, it won’t last forever. If you’re searching for a comprehensive heating system installation and aren’t sure where to start, we can help. 

Aside from having an extensive background in heating repair, our dedicated team has an excellent understanding of all sorts of heating equipment and can install your new system properly and professionally. 

If you’re having a system installed for the first time or looking for a heating replacement, let a Comfort Experts Inc. HVAC contractor lead the way.

Plumbing Services in Fort Worth

Plumbing is a part of our homes that is often overlooked, but it can be a big headache or even an emergency once there’s a problem. Having a team of qualified plumbers who can take care of anything from minor repairs to major installations can be a huge weight off your shoulders. 

You can rely on us for repairs, maintenance, or even larger projects like toilet installations. Your plumbing woes don’t have to be so draining when we’re on your side. Let our skilled plumbers care for your plumbing system’s efficiency and functionality.

How Our Plumbers Can Help

Your home’s plumbing is a complex system, so we recommend that you go with only the most qualified service to ensure you don’t waste your time and money with a less-experienced plumber. 

The Comfort Experts Inc. team is ready to handle any duct or drain cleaning you might need, as well as piping or repiping for your plumbing system. Our plumbers can also help you keep your home’s system working at its best with yearly inspections. 

And if you’re dealing with more time-sensitive issues like a broken toilet or pipe, we’re ready to swoop in and get your bathroom back on track so you can get back to business. 

Electrical Services in Fort Worth

Much like your plumbing, you probably don’t think about your electricity until there’s a problem. But unattended electrical issues can put you and your family at risk, no matter how big or small they might seem at first glance. 

Comfort Experts Inc. electricians believe that safety is the cornerstone of comfort, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our Fort Worth team for help with your electrical system today. If you’re ever in doubt about the well-being of your wires and outlets, we can help diagnose any problems and take care of them before they get any worse. 

We’re also well equipped to do regular health checkups on your electrical, so you can avoid needing costly repairs in the future.

How Our Electricians Can Help

Are you running into problems with your circuit breaker? What about higher electrical bills? Do you have flickering or buzzing lights? Maybe you need more outlets. These are only a small sample of the problems that our qualified electricians are ready to tackle at any moment. 

While some electrical problems might be mostly cosmetic or general frustrations, others can be a sign of something much more dangerous. We’re ready to handle inspections, repairs, upgrades, replacements, or installations of anything and everything electrical. 

Don’t hesitate to get some help from our team if you’re ever in need of an electrician’s expertise.

The Experts on Home Comfort and Safety

As the leading experts on all sorts of household systems, we know there’s no place like home. From heating and cooling services to plumbing to electrical, there isn’t anything we’re not ready to help with when it comes to your home’s comfort. 

For the ultimate comfort for your home and family, trust the experts–the Comfort Experts Inc.! If you’re living in the Fort Worth area and need our assistance, call us today for more information and schedule your home visit. 

Call (817) 341-5149 or using our online form for our services that are tailored to give you affordable solutions whether you need a gas furnace repair in Fort Worth or you are having air conditioning problems. And all you have to do is let us know what your needs are and we’ll guide you through our process from price to the service call.

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Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Matt was very nice and polite on explaining everything to us very well.

Fort WorthTX76123 32.61-97.38

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76140


Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Professional and respectful

Fort WorthTX76140 32.6-97.2925

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76133

Great service, friendly

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Steven did a great job, answered all our questions, was very polite and friendly

Fort WorthTX76133 32.63-97.3725

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76116

Ryan was great!

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Very informative , kind and professional Office was responsive and worked with my schedule, Will definitely use this company again

Fort WorthTX76116 32.73-97.4175

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76109

Great service. Thanks

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Fort WorthTX76109 32.7075-97.375

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76116

Great work

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Fort WorthTX76116 32.715-97.4275

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76109

Great service

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Fort WorthTX76109 32.71-97.38

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76131

Great Service

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Fort WorthTX76131 32.915-97.3675

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76137

Excellent service practices

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Ryan was very knowledgeable and efficient. He performed a comprehensive evaluation of both of our HVAC systems. Identifying a potential weak device in our lower floor system, he replaced the item and gave a good overview of our systems' condition. I would be happy to have Ryan handle servicing on our HVAC systems if needed again.👍🏻

Fort WorthTX76137 32.875-97.265

Map of Fort Worth, TX 76112

This guy was great! Hope he comes back!

Review of Comfort Experts Inc.

Fort WorthTX76112 32.74-97.205

Ryan S.

Ryan S.

Spring open power closed damper stuck closed, just a tap freed the damper and opened it up, need to replace to keep from happening again. Customer wants to wait in repairs.

Near Peyton Brook Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76137

42k horizontal gas high efficiency filtration, uv system and duct cleaning

Near Heartwood Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76244
Zak L.

Zak L.

Arrived for STU tons of bio growth in system - declined UV system at this time No wet switch or drain switch - declined for now Coil is corroded Blower has growth in it as well Filter is fine and drains are clear Condenser unit Needs a new contactor before failure occurs - likely to break compressor and/or coil if it fuses closed - declined for now Condenser fan motoer over amping - replacement recommended before failure to prevent downtime Compressor saver kit is blown - recommend replacing to extend lifespan but compressor is not over amping at start so not absolutely necessary Refrigerant levels are fine - 21 degree delta CA scheduled to perform efficiency study and determine cost benefits of upgrading to heat pump system

Near Huckleberry Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76137
Wyatt C.

Wyatt C.

Arrived unit was not turning on the power switch next to the unit was off turned it on and the gas to the unit was off turned it on. The board is not passing power to turn the gas valve on. It's a 28 yr unit with several safety concerns there is flex pipe into the unit , limit switches being bypassed and rollout switches not functioning. Customer would like a comfort advisor to come out but has a busy schedule and needs to talk to wife who is at work.

Near E Tucker St, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Stu tune up system is fully functional and caps are in tolerance Blower motor is clean coil has some rust build up. Added wet switch to drain pan to further protect home from damage condensor could benefit from hard start customer needs time to consider along with solar panels.

Near Chadwick Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76131
Ryan S.

Ryan S.

Performed Stu, system operation is normal, refrigerant levels in range, capacitor in tolerance, cleaned condenser, filter clean, drains clear. High dust levels in return plenums, blower motor wheel is dirty, recommend cleaning blower wheel and ducts, to extend lifespan of the system, and increase efficiency, water heaters have never been flushed. Talked to customer about complimentary energy consultation, customer not interested.

Near Briarwood Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76132
Ryan S.

Ryan S.

Upon arrival found customer replaced flame sensor and furnace made it through ignition sequence and would cut off after blower kicked on, system not hitting high limit, and issue is not board dropping voltage to gas valve, pressure switch dropping out intermittently, customer chose to do repairs himself. Discussed solar and energy audit. Customer declined at this time.

Near Greenlee St, Fort Worth, TX 76112


Install seer 2 42k gas hvac system with new lineset cover

Near Rogers Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76109
Joel B.

Joel B.

Did a STU on 2 year old Amana system, checked capacitor, checked filter, drain is good, checked flame sensor and ignitor, checked inducer motor, checked pressure switch, checked safety switches, recommended a compressor saver and IAQ 4000,customer stated they would talk with the wife and give us a call back,refrigerant levels are good, customer verified unit was working properly when leaving

Near Chestalynn Ct, Fort Worth, TX 76117
Joel B.

Joel B.

Did a STU on 1 year old Goodman system, checked capacitor, checked filter, drain is good, checked flame sensor and ignitor, checked inducer motor, checked pressure switch, checked safety switches, recommended replacing uv bulb, compressor saver, and house panel mount surge protector, refrigerant levels are good, customer verified unit was working properly when leaving

Near Cordone Ct, Fort Worth, TX 76133

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