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Water Softeners in Fort Worth, TX

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Hard water is an incredibly common condition found throughout the DFW metroplex and even all across North Texas. This condition refers to water that contains elevated levels of dissolved mineral content, notably calcium and magnesium that often bond together to form unsightly limescale. Hard water often has a peculiar taste to it, leaves your clothes feeling rough and crusty, can influence the flavor of your food, and can even leave your skin and hair feeling dry and brittle. It can even have a long-lasting impact on your plumbing equipment as well, damaging water lines, creating buildup on fixtures, and even clogging up much-needed appliances.

At Comfort Express, Inc., we offer Fort Worth water softener services that give your home the clean, safe, and great-tasting water you have always wanted. From new installations to maintenance, upkeep, and replacements, we make sure your home has the equipment it needs and you have the water you have always wanted. We understand the challenges of poor water quality, and we offer superior solutions that have been proven effective over years of real-world trials and ongoing testing. We stand by the work we do and guarantee your satisfaction!

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How Water Softeners Work

Water softeners use a chemical reaction to replace the “hard” elements of water (the mineral content) with a “softer” substance that has a much smaller impact on taste and texture. In the case of most water softener systems, this substance is some sort of sodium-based softener. Water enters your home through your main water line and is first pumped through a water softener tank. Within this tank is a supply of filtration media that contains sodium ions. As the water flows down through the tank, the minerals are extracted from the water and replaced with the sodium ions by a chemical reaction. The softened water then reaches the bottom of the tank where it is free to flow into your home.

When the softener tank has exhausted its capability of removing minerals, it reconditions itself with the use of a brine tank. Your softener system pumps water from a brine tank into the softener, loosening the minerals that have bonded to the filtration media. The minerals are then extracted and flushed away through a connection to a drain line. The filtration media then absorbs the sodium particles from the brine tank and is prepared to handle more water. This recycling process is generally fast and takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

Standalone Water Softener Systems

Water softeners come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some systems require ongoing maintenance and upkeep while others take a more hands-off approach and need only infrequent maintenance in order to continue to provide your home with softer, great-tasting water. Whatever type of system you are looking for, Comfort Experts, Inc. offers a selection of products that meet your needs. We handle installation of new water softener systems as well as replacement of old or outdated systems in order to outfit your home with the latest technology and keep your water supply dependable.

Subscription Water Softener Installation

A subscription water softener service is a service that provides you with a constantly renewable supply of filtration media without the need for keeping a brine tank along with your softener. Subscription tank services deliver a softener tank to your home periodically (typically once a month), replacing the old and consumed media with fresh sodium ions for softening use.

Utilizing a subscription service typically requires that you install a specialized service valve on your main water line. This valve allows a technician to come to your home, easily unhook and remove your old tank, and seamlessly install a new one in its place in just a few minutes’ time. At Comfort Experts, we can install these valves and hardware on your main water line so you can take advantage of the softener service of your choice!

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