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As we are approaching some of the hottest summer months of the year, it is important to take the necessary steps to keep your family cool all throughout even the hottest part of the summer.  Being hot inside your home can cause anyone discomfort and lead to irritability.  But there are some things you can do to ensure you stay cool and comfortable each and every day.

Open Registers and Room Doors

The more registers and doors that are open throughout the house, the better the airflow.  Closing too many vents or registers is similar to a clogged bathroom drain.  Just like water can’t get through a clog, air can’t get to the rest of the house through a closed vent or door.  Not only can this affect airflow, but it can also cause your AC unit to work harder to cool the home, leading to increased wear and tear on the unit or even higher energy bills from forcing the HVAC system to work overtime.  Even opening registers a little bit is still better than keeping them closed as air is allowed to move and circulate all throughout the rooms.

Keep the Fan On

Much like keeping the vents open, keeping the fan on keeps the air active and moving throughout the house so you can optimize the airflow.  This will keep the temperature cooler and allow your AC unit to not work as hard to cool the home.  Unless you are gone for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to keep the fan on for circulation.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

It can be easy to forget about the air filter, especially throughout the winter months.  But it is important for your airflow that you change the air filter regularly.  It is recommended that you change the air filter about every three months.  In the summertime when you use your air conditioner more, it may be beneficial to change your air filter even more often.  Changing air filters will improve the efficiency of the air conditioner, improve air quality, and increase airflow.

Be Aware of Humidity Levels

Check the humidity levels in your home, especially during the summer when humidity levels are much higher.  If you have a humidifier, set it to the appropriate level to ensure an appropriate balance of humidity so you can remain comfortable all throughout the heat.  High humidity and condensation are not only uncomfortable but can also lead to health problems or damage inside the home.  So be sure to check humidity levels to improve your comfort level.

If your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning optimally or you are unsure how to change the air filter, Comfort Expert HVAC technicians can help.  A yearly tune-up is always recommended to be sure your AC unit is ready for the summer heat.  Please give us a call today for any questions or concerns you may have and our trusted AC repair technicians will be sure to do what it takes to keep you and your family cool and comfortable.

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