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Address the Uneven Heating and Cooling Issues in Two Story Homes

How To Address Uneven Heating & Cooling Issues

Two-story houses usually have the problem of different temperatures between levels.  The upper level can easily be at least ten degrees hotter in summer, but when you turn down the AC, the lower level gets ice cold.  This can become a frustrating problem for many homeowners.

But what can be done to even out the temperature between the two levels?

Check for Proper Air Flow

The first thing you can do is make sure airflow is coming through vents in order to heat and cool the home.  Blocked or closed vents may not be allowing airflow through, causing a temperature discrepancy upstairs that you don’t notice downstairs.  Move everything out of the way of the vents such as furniture, rugs, or drapes.  Both return and supply vents need to be free for air to come and go.  Blocking vents downstairs to avoid cooler temperatures on the lower level may seem like a good idea, but actually, all vents should remain unblocked on every level.  Switching the fan to the “on” position, even when the AC is on, will further help circulate air throughout the house.  It may raise your electric bill slightly, but not by much.  And it is definitely worth a little extra each month to be sure air flows evenly to all levels of the house.

Check for Leaky Ducts

If your ducts are leaking out cold air, especially in the air ducts that travel to the upstairs level, then not enough cold air is able to reach the second floor to cool it properly.  Many times, ducts lost about 20-30 percent of their airflow to gaps or cracks in ductwork.  Comfort Experts professional ac technicians can check for and repair any leaking ducts so that the maximum amount of cold air flow reaches every space.

Insulate the Attic

Insulation is designed to keep air in.  Therefore, proper insulation will keep warm air in during the winter to help heat the house, and it will keep cold air from escaping in the summer so that the house stays cooler all day long.  If you can see the floor joists in your attic, you are lacking proper insulation.  Consider installing adequate insulation maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year-round.

Install a Zoned System

One of the best things you can do to regulate the temperature both upstairs and downstairs in your house is to install a zoned system.  This system divided the home into two zones with two separate thermostats for each level.  Therefore, you can set the thermostat cooler at night when you go upstairs to sleep and warmer during the day when no one upstairs.  Alternatively, the downstairs can be set to cooler during the day when everyone hangs out on the lower level and higher at night when the family moves upstairs to sleep.  It’s the perfect solution for a two-story home.  To find out more about installing a zoned system in your house, call Comfort Experts, your ac repair, and installation specialists.

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