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In Fort Worth, TX, it’s vital to have a working air conditioning unit. If you’ve tried cranking up your AC but find your room or home still won’t cool down, you may have a problem with your air conditioner. 

Broken AC Unit

Of course, the most obvious culprit behind improper or weak cooling is a broken air conditioner. 

Over the years, our air conditioner units have sustained a significant amount of wear and tear. Think about how often you use your air conditioner, and then think back to how often you have a professional HVAC professional check your AC for problems. 

If you haven’t had a technician inspect and clean your AC unit recently, your air conditioner can start to wane in productivity. 

Small AC 

Sometimes Fort Worth, TX, HVAC technicians can fit your air conditioner wrong, leading to a unit that is too small for your home’s cooling needs. 

When this happens, a lot of air gets lost during the transition as your AC struggles to create enough cool air and keep it circulating inside your home. 

As a result, your home won’t receive the robust cooling temperatures it would get with a properly fitted air conditioner.

While your AC may be able to overcompensate at first, the strain of having to work in overdrive just to fill your home with average cooling temperatures can wear your AC unit down. 

After a few years, you’ll notice a significant decline in your AC’s cooling abilities. 

Bad Ductwork and Clogged Filters

It’s easy to underestimate our ductwork. After all, it’s just a few vents above our head. 

On the contrary, these complicated networks of tubes and vents are paramount to proper cooling as they move cool air throughout your home. If you have one room that stays at stubborn hot temperatures, the issue could be with your ductwork or vents.

Additionally, your ductwork has vents that collect dirt, dust, and debris from your air as it is pulled through the ducts. 

When these filters become clogged, it’s harder for cool air to pass through them into your room and home. 

Consider an air filter replacement to keep your ductwork nice and clear. 

Too Many Appliances 

The reason why your Fort Worth, TX, home won’t cool down could be as simple as you have too many appliances working simultaneously. 

If it’s a hot day, consider limiting oven use as all of the hot air it produces directly counteracts your air conditioner’s work as it tries to cool your house down.

Next Steps

It can be a real drag when your AC unit struggles to cool your Fort Worth, TX, home. Luckily, you can take some easy steps to improve your cooling. Consider replacing air filters or turning off appliances like ovens to improve cooling.

If you have a broken air conditioner, you may need to call an HVAC technician for air conditioning services and AC replacements. 

Call Comfort Experts, Inc. for the best AC replacements, air conditioning services, repairs, installations, and more! 

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