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Why You Should Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

It is no secret that recent innovations in thermostat technology have made programmable units relatively common sights to see in many homes today. Most people love the idea of being able to set a program and trust that their home will adjust with times of the day, comings and goings of inhabitants, and even according to out of town schedules.

These are the most basic features that programmable thermostats offer consumers. With just these capabilities alone, a programmable system can and will save you money and headaches. Here are a few additional offerings you might look for to help trim your energy bills, increase your comfort level, and ease minor frustrations relative to the temperature of your home:

Set the Unit to Automatically Undergo Temperature Adjustment

This is the simplest way your programmable thermostat(s) will save you money and time. Instruct your thermostat to change temperature along with your sleep schedule Typically, this will mean a cooler setting at night and warmer one in the day when less of the home’s inhabitants are present.

Zoning of Home Systems

The newest technology allows for the creating of zones in the home and allows you to program specific rooms or areas differently than others. For example, if your basement doesn’t get any use during the day, but your upstairs level does, they can have different temperature settings. This feature saves you money by allowing you to only invest in areas you are using.

Temperature and Humidity Precision

Digital systems offer you a far more precise method of setting the temperature levels and humidity preferences you desire in your home. Older analog systems can often only adjust to the degree that your finger can move incrementally.

Locking and Alert Features

Many of these new programmable thermostats now have the capability to toggle selected features such as locking the thermostats individually to prevent children and houseguests from drastically adjusting the temperature and creating a dramatic increase in energy usage. You can also set these units to generate alerts relative to the health and maintenance needs of your AC system. Simple things, such as reminders to change filters and suggested services will allow you to save money on repairs and outages by practicing preventative maintenance.

Detectability Based Upon Motion and Remote Settings

The latest technological advancements now allow programmable thermostats to be altered remotely from a smartphone or computer. This can allow for adjustments even when you might have an anomalous schedule shift, such as a last-minute trip. Motion detection capability allows for your unit to go into a sort of “standby mode” when no movement is noted in a particular zone of the home.

All of these features will promote longterm savings in the energy efficiency of your home’s AC unit. Programmable thermostats are a mechanism to help your reliable AC unit to function optimally. Contact the team of air conditioning experts at Comfort Experts today to have a “smart” thermostat installed and kickstart your savings.