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Smart Thermostat Benefits

With the recent pandemic, we have all spent an increasing amount of time at home. That means, our systems are working harder than they have ever had to work before. As we settle into our work-from-home life, it becomes imperative to better understand how to operate your home HVAC system. Because with the increased use of your heating and cooling, comes a higher chance of misuse.

If you are consistently adjusting your thermostat manually, you are interrupting your heating cycles, which only increases your monthly costs while decreasing your heating efficiency and effectiveness. And that is no win-win scenario for you or for your family’s comfort.

In order to make sure your busy life is not interrupted by inadequate heating and cooling, install a programmable thermostat in your home! Once you try this system out, you’ll never remember how you lived without it. Here are the benefits of smart thermostat installation:

Lower Utility Costs

With smart thermostat technology, you won’t need to intervene with your climate controls often. These systems can completely run independently—making them increasingly efficient. When you interface with your climate controls, your heating or cooling cycle restarts. This demands a ton of power.

Interrupted cycles will lead to extra zeros at the end of your utility bills. So rather than interfering with your heating or cooling goals, help them! By adding a Nest Learning Thermostat system to your home, you can save up to 15 % on your cooling costs and up to 12% on your heating costs! So, what are you waiting for? Your wallet is ready.

Reduce Energy Consumption

It’s time to get on trend! Eco-conscious systems are “in”. From low-flow plumbing fixtures to solar panel additions, communities are moving towards environmentally-friendly designs—so why not include your HVAC system in your green efforts!

Switching out your current control panel for a smart system will optimize your energy efficiency and provide better heating or cooling control throughout your home. Want further energy savings? Drop your thermostat temperature when you are not home. This will decrease the amount of energy you are expending while you are away. And, when you are home, set your indoor climate to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This alone can save you energy, as each degree you lower your thermostat positively impacts your energy use—keeping your power requirements to a minimum and reserving your energy.

Eliminate Forgetfulness

From coordinating your kids’ schedules to navigating your workload, life gets busy. Your home comfort should not be yet another thing you need to remember to adjust. That’s why, with smart thermostat installation, you won’t have to worry about remembering whether or not you turned down your temperature when you leave for your daily errands.

Turning around halfway to your family’s home for the holidays will be a thing of the past. With programmable temperature schedules and vacation settings, you will be able to leave your home without worrying about wasting your energy or money while you are away. Wondering how your system will switch to vacation function without you having to manually adjust it? With motion sensor capabilities, your new nest thermostat will be able to detect when no one is home and will shift accordingly. So, say goodbye to your worries and let your new thermostat provide both home comfort and peace of mind.

For your new home smart thermostat system, contact Comfort Experts Inc. at (817) 341-5149! We are here to optimize your home comfort, so your space is set to match you and your family’s schedules. Don’t settle for less than customized heating and cooling, contact us today!