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Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

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Learn What 's Normal With Your Heat Pump & What Indicates A Problem.

Heat pumps are terrific devices, capable of keeping your home warm and cool depending on the weather, all in one device. Plus, they're extremely energy efficient compared to conventional HVAC systems, so you can do your part to aid the environment while putting some utility bill money back in your pocket. But like any device, there's always the possibility that something can go wrong, and you'll need expert heat pump repair. But what constitutes a problem, and what's normal operation? Since heat pumps work a little differently from a regular air conditioner or furnace, the team here at Comfort Experts wanted to take you through signs you can ignore - and those you need to act on.

Normal Things You'll Notice On Your Heat Pump

Because heat pumps don't operate in the same way as a typical HVAC, they do have a few quirky behaviors that might convince you something is wrong - even when it isn't.

Freezing Up

When temperatures get down into freezing levels, you might see your heat pump get up to a 1/4 inch thick covering of frost or ice. This is because there's a lot of condensation on the exposed coils, and as the temps drop, that condensation freezes. It could be a problem long-term, but heat pumps have a way to combat it...

Blowing Off Steam

... and that's called defrost mode. When your heat pump runs this mode, you'll notice that your usually whisper-quiet unit will get a little mouthy. It will also start to have steam coming off of it as it heats up to get rid of the ice. Again, this is all perfectly normal and not anything to worry about.

Continuous Operation

You're probably used to an AC or furnace that kicks on for a while, gets things to the right temperature, then shuts off. When temperatures get extreme at either end of the scale, though, heat pumps usually run continuously. Their method of heating and cooling requires this constant operation to maintain temperatures. But don't threat - due to their energy efficiency, this steady operation is not going to cause any undue harm to your utility bill.

Signs Your Heat Pump Has A Real Issue

While the above things are benign, there are some things you may notice that will tip you off that your heat pump needs to be checked out, including:

 It's Running Constantly

We know, we know, we just told you that was nothing to worry about. But the timing matters. If it's super hot - or cold - outside, then it's normal. If temperatures are milder and more temperate and it's still happening, then you're going to want to have it checked. There could be an issue with the thermostat's calibration, or something else.

It's Not Providing Continuous Comfort

If you're noticing spots in your home that are cooler or warmer than others, then you're not getting the consistency of comfort you should be getting from your heat pump. It could be there's something wrong causing it to work harder and less efficiently.

It's Making Strange Noises

The hum of increased operation during defrost mode is fine. But if your heat pump is starting to sound like a drum set, there's something else going on. Getting it checked out will be the prudent course of action.

It's Stinky

If you walk past your heat pump and notice a pungent or burning sort of odor, there's definitely something wrong. This could be a sign of a major failure and you'll want to have it checked out as soon as possible before you lose access its heating and cooling functionality.

An Ounce Of Prevention...

Of course, if you want to avoid problems with your heat pump, the absolute best thing you can do is have it regularly serviced. That's where Comfort Experts can help! For a limited time, we're offering a $49 Heat Pump Tune-Up where we'll check your system top to bottom, fixing minor issues and making sure it's ready to perform optimally. Of course, if yours is already malfunctioning, our highly-trained technicians can also get them back up and going. Give us a call at 817-341-5149 today and we're on our way!

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