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As technology continues to increase in our world, specific industries gain new advancements that help increase the quality and safety of living in certain environments. Our home, where we spend most of our time relaxing, spending time with family, and sleeping, is an area we want to make sure is high quality and safe for us. By utilizing traditional and advanced features in air conditioning, we can harness the benefits of regulated temperatures and humidity, as well as purified air.

What is UV Air Filtration?

UV stands for ultraviolet. UV Air Filtration is a specialized way of treating your air that reduces biological compounds. It can also help eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and viruses from the air. All of this is done through the special treatment of UV light.

Another name for UV Air Filtration is UV Air Purification. There are special products that can be installed as an addition to current HVAC systems so that the UV air filtration or UV air purification system purifies the air as it is conditioned by your ac and heating system.

Pros of a UV Air Filtration System

The biggest benefit of UV air filtration is that it directly interacts with the air and eliminates harmful bacteria in the air. It focuses on the elimination of microscopic elements that are toxic or harmful to us and results in a cleaner environment to live in and cleaner air to breathe.  Additionally, uv air purifiers do this silently so that you won’t even know they’re running.

Cons of a UV Air Filtration System

The negatives of a UV filtration system are that it can sometimes be costly as it is a newer form of air purification. Depending on your area and the available models nearby, you should be able to find a system that meets your budget while still maintaining air quality needs.

Functionally, UV systems are designed to work with a particle filter rather than as a stand-alone item, so regular filter replacement or cleaning is still required. In addition, the UV bulbs will need to be replaced every 12  to 24 months, depending on the model.

UV purification systems also do not directly remove most allergens, dust, and other solids from the air. While they can still purify the air, increasing its cleanliness and quality, they do not remove cigarette smoke, gases, or other chemical fumes from the air.

If you would like to further increase the quality of living in your home or workspace, consider installing a UV air filtration system. The local comfort specialists at Comfort Experts will be able to help you identify the benefits for you or your business, the costs associated with a UV air filtration system, and the installation process itself. By combining a UV air filtration system with your current AC system, you can drastically increase the quality of the air that you breathe, which can result in the overall comfort of you or your guests.

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