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It Could Be Time to Think About Late Summer AC Repairs

As the end of summer draws near, the heat kicks up another notch, making your air conditioner work harder to efficiently cool the home, especially towards the end of July and early part of August.  It has already worked hard all summer, and without proper maintenance, the end of the summer could be the time it is most likely going to break down and need AC repairs.  Here are some common things to check in order to ensure your AC unit works properly all summer long, even towards the end of the summer.

Check the Refrigerant Level

Air conditioners require refrigerant in order to cool the air that goes into your home.  As the summer progresses and your AC unit continues to work hard, small leaks could occur, causing the refrigerant level to drop.  Losing refrigerant is a major concern as it can cause significant damage.  Low refrigerant can cause several problems.  One problem could be ice on the evaporator coils.  Another problem could be lack of cold air blowing into the house.  Without refrigerant to cool the air, you may notice only warm air coming out of the vents.  Low refrigerant levels can also create hissing sounds coming from the unit.  If you encounter any of these issues, this is cause for concern.  Contact Comfort Experts, your local AC repair company, to come out and perform a routine maintenance checkup, including checking the refrigerant level to ensure your unit will work properly for the entirety of the summer season.

Listen for a Hard Start

When the AC unit works hard throughout the summer, it can cause it to strain to keep up with the work of cooling the home.  This could cause your unit to hard start, meaning it is pulling too much power in order to begin a cooling cycle, which causes wear and tear to the air conditioner.  When your compressor begins to make strange noises each time it turns on to begin a new cooling cycle, this is the sign of a hard start.  Another sign could be the fact that it is taking entirely too long to cool the home down, much longer than it usually does.  Should you notice any of these signs, call an experienced technician to come out and take a look.  Technicians are able to check the compressor and even install a hard start kit if necessary to help take the load off the compressor so your AC unit will no longer hard start each time it tries to cool down the home.

Be Sure the Unit Is Clean

A clean unit is more likely to work efficiently throughout the whole summer season.  As the season goes on, your unit may collect more dirt and debris that could keep it from running as it should.  Be sure to clear away all dirt and debris in and around the air conditioner.  The outdoor coil, or condenser coil, is especially important and should be kept clean.  This part is where the refrigerant condenses and releases hot air.  If it is dirty, this could affect its ability to release hot air, causing your system to overheat.  Because this is such an important part of your unit, it should only be cleaned by a professional AC technician.  Call Comfort Experts should notice that the condenser coil is covered in grime and need cleaning towards the end of the summer.

If you want your AC unit to work efficiently all summer long and even into the next year, it is important that it is properly maintained.  Rely on an expert AC company to perform maintenance checks throughout the year so that your AC unit will cool your home properly and last for many years.