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The compressor is one of the most important parts of an air conditioning system.  The compressor’s job is to keep the refrigerant running and pressurize the system.  It is the part of the unit that cycles on and off continuously to cool the house.  Because of this continuous on and off-cycle, it can accrue significant wear and tear.  Be aware of the signs that your AC compressor may be failing so you can stay on top of a potential repair or replacement.

Strange Noises Coming From the Unit

If you turn on your AC system and hear any type of loud, uncommon noise coming from the unit, it warrants a second look.  When a compressor first starts to go bad, the part will struggle to turn on.  This may result in strange noises.  Different issues with the compressor can produce different noises.  Loose bearings might make a grinding noise.  If a bearing is leaking, you might hear a squealing noise.  Any noise that isn’t normal might mean it’s time for a visit from the AC repair technician.

A Change in Air Flow or Temperature

When a compressor begins to go bad, the airflow output of the vents will begin to diminish.  If you notice the cold air coming out of your vents decreasing, call an AC repair company.  Another sign your compressor might not be working correctly is an increase in the temperature of the home.  Instead of blowing cold air, a bad compressor is no longer regulating the refrigerant flow, and so warm air comes out instead.  If you notice weakening airflow or warmer temperatures in the homes, your compressor may be failing.

Leaking Moisture

Leaks around an air conditioning unit are never a good thing.  Dirty or clogged coils can cause water leaks around the air conditioner.  However, a bad compressor can also leak refrigerant.  Refrigerant contains Freon and is not a substance that people should come into contact with.  It can cause health risks such as headaches, nausea, irritated eyes, cough, and more.  Because of the potential severity of coming into contact with refrigerant, if you see a leak and suspect it could be from the compressor, it is best to contact a qualified AC repair technician.  If the leaking isn’t dealt with, the compressor could run out of refrigerant, dry up, and stop working altogether.  Because a compressor is the main component in an air conditioning system, it can be costly to replace.  Any sign of possible wear and tear should be looked at as soon as possible.  When in doubt, call an AC repair professional to come to inspect your unit.  Knowing that you can have peace of mind that your family will be cool on a hot summer day is worth it.

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