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How to Care for Your HVAC System in the Fall Season

Fall is just around the corner, and for many parts of the United States, this can mean giving our air conditioners a well-deserved break. The weather outside seems perfect without much need for climate control indoors. When we approach a season where our reliance on our heating and cooling systems is not desperate, it is often a great time to consider some system maintenance and basic tweaks. Heading from very hot to incredibly chilly temperatures can call for a few simple to-do’s to save you money and comfort.

Adjust the Settings on Your Home’s Ceiling Fans

A simple adjustment like this might seem somewhat inconsequential to most homeowners, but adjusting the directionality of the fan can help to optimize the function of your heating and cooling systems. In the summer, we tend to have our fans set to circulate cold air-conditioned air down into the livable space of a room. When colder weather approaches, it is wise to reverse this function by flipping the switch on the base of the fan. This will suck the cooler air up and force the warmer, heated air down to the walls like intended.

Schedule Necessary Maintenance and Repairs

The fall and spring seasons are excellent times to have maintenance work done on your heating and cooling system. Our teams of expert technicians are here to help you with any HVAC repair needs you may have, and we want to help give you peace of mind by doing so before a strenuous season occurs for your system. Fall maintenance will include a check-up of your air conditioning to see how it performed through the hotter summer months.

This is to make sure it switches well between a season of higher usage to a season of dormancy. Your scheduled maintenance will also serve to confirm that your system is adequately prepared to meet the demands of the icy temperatures that are not too far around the corner.

Finally, our teams of licensed and certified HVAC repairmen will service your system by cleaning it and its components to remove obstructions and promote optimal system function. Should you require any more specific repairs or replacements, we can help to resolve those needs on a case by case basis with a thorough inspection of your heating and cooling systems.

Our team at Comfort Experts is ready to serve our community and the surrounding area with top-notch air conditioning expertise and unmatched customer service. Contact our offices today to schedule your fall maintenance with the Comfort Experts.