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One of the most common problems that you might encounter with your window air conditioning system is the unusual noise. It can be an annoying rattling sound or a loud hum. These noises should not be ignored because even if they are bearable, they can lead to a more serious, costly, and irreversible problem. Usually, the type of noise is used to determine the nature of the problem, and sometimes, it can be easily fixed, especially if the problem is caused by movements of a few loose parts. But at all times of uncertainty and troubleshooting your air conditioner, the help of a professional is needed.

Once you start to hear noises from your window air conditioner, it is best to call an air conditioner repair specialist at Comfort Experts. You may feel as though a quick fix is all that’s necessary, but it’s best to have a professional doing the repair work as their training and experience will make their repair go more quickly and smoothly, and it will likely provide better results. Here are some of the things our AC repair technicians will do when you call us about a noise AC unit.

Make Sure it is Installed Properly

A noise coming from a unit that is not installed properly is the most common cause of rattling sounds. The vibration of your air conditioner can cause your unit to shake against the frame if it is not tightly installed. Our experts will test the sturdiness of the unit’s installation. If it isn’t installed as soundly as it should be, we will take care of the issue immediately.

Loose Screws

When your AC runs and starts to vibrate, it can cause screws inside and outside the unit to loosen over time. This can cause rattling sounds. We will open up your unit and inspect the entire thing for loose screws, and we will tighten them accordingly if found.

Coil Fins

When coil fins become clogged with dirt, they can be a cause of irritating noise. We will professionally clean your coil fins to ensure the proper working order and minimal sound coming from them. Another reason for your coil fins to emit noise is if they are bent. They can cause a loud hum and can be fixed by straightening out the fins using a fin comb – a tool designed specifically to do that.

Check the Fan Blades and Motor

A grinding sound can be caused by some parts being stuck to the fan, such as the insulation. To check if this is the case, we will turn the unit off and inspect the fan for any material that can prevent the blades from spinning properly. If an object is found, we will remove and discard it. We will also check to see if your fan blades are even. If they aren’t, replacing fan blades may be necessary. Lubricating the fan motor can also be helpful to avoid a loud hum. However, this can be done only if your motor housing is not permanently sealed.

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