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Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared for the Next Time!

Fellow North Texans!

It has been a challenging week for all of us. The last time we had a severe dose of winter weather like this was 10 years ago. Unfortunately, we can’t count on it being another ten years before we face severe weather again. Knowing it will happen again means we need to do our best to be better prepared. Imagine the shock some of our fellow homeowners are facing with $10,000 electric bills!

It’s incredible and frightening at the same time!

Now is the time to act. Preparing for the future is the only thing that makes sense.

High Efficiency

Congratulations to those of you who have already upgraded your heating and air systems! As the electric companies recoup their increased expenses by raising electric rates, you’ll experience higher but less intense bills than your neighbors. If your heating and air system is over 10 years of age, now is an excellent time to have us out for a completely free design, service, and evaluation of how low your utility costs can be. New systems can cut your current bills in half and protect you from the price increases to come.


Power outages are inevitable here in North Texas. We’ve become used to running water, lights, refrigerators, and other electric devices as a routine part of our daily existence. When the power goes out, we don’t want to be unprepared. A generator can keep you from sitting in a completely dark house while you lose all the contents of your refrigerator and risk additional damage from frozen pipes. Generators can run on gasoline, diesel or propane, and they typically have two electrical outlets.


Solar Power can dramatically cut your utility bills and can also provide power to your home with a battery backup system when an outage strikes. As electric prices start to increase, solar power makes even more sense financially.

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