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Eliminate Odors In Your Home With An Germicidal HVAC UV Light

Bad Smell

Harness The Power Of Germicidal HVAC UV Light To Banish Odors In Your Home!

Nobody wants to think of their home as having unpleasant odors. But at some point or another - all of them do.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. The simple act of living in a home will, eventually, cause odors to accumulate - and oftentimes, those odors get into the carpet, into the walls, into the upholstery - and they don’t go anywhere. While there are lots of things we do to mitigate the problem, we are usually only masking it - we rarely take action to eliminate the problem. But with your friends at Comfort Experts, you can take decisive action on odors, and this blog will show you how - by harnessing the power of ultraviolet light.

The Source Of Odors - Meet The Usual Suspects

It would take us hours or even days to go through everything that could cause a nasty smell in your home, but here are a few of the biggest culprits:


dog laying its head on blankets

We love our furbabies. But we’d be lying to ourselves if we tried to say they don’t smell. Whether it’s a dog soaking from playing in the rain or a litter box that doesn’t get enough attention, pet odors can run rampant through our homes - an unfortunate side effect of enjoying their unconditional love (or grudging acceptance, in the case of cats).


kitchen trash can that's full

Nobody wants to waste a trash bag by taking it out to the dumpster before it’s full. But all the time the rest of the trash sits and waits for that moment, it’s pumping unfortunate scents into the air. Dirty diapers, old takeout containers, food that’s gone bad* - they’re all ingredients for a noxious cocktail.

(* - We once opened a cabinet where someone had left a bag of potatoes for months and forgotten about them. We still haven’t recovered.)


sauteing a meal

It’s understandable if this seems a little counterintuitive. Cooking is supposed to fill the home with good smells, right? Yes, at first. But as the particles of smoky grease accumulate in your exhaust hood, or the pungent aroma of that sauteed onion seeps into your kitchen furniture, those odors can turn rancid over time - not an appetizing situation.

How Do You Deal With Odors Right Now?

There are a few tried-and-true methods for dealing with odors in our home - but it’s important to note, these methods are only masking the odor, not doing anything to eliminate it. Once they’ve worn off, the odor will be back - sometimes they even mix with it to create something truly unholy.

Air Fresheners

spraying an air freshener

The old reliable. Or is it? Believe it or not, while air fresheners might smell fantastic, all you’re doing is masking the old scent with a stronger scent. At the same time, you’re adding more chemicals into your air - sure, they might smell good, but they might not be the best for our overall health.

Scented Candles

scented candle burning

First of all, let’s not ignore the fact that you might have to take out a second mortgage to afford the offerings at Yankee Candle Company. But even beyond the cost, candles are just a more photogenic way of only covering up the odor. They look nice, they smell amazing, they create a homey atmosphere - but they do nothing to permanently solve the problem.

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

As a homeowner, it’s never a bad idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned periodically. A lot of dirt and grime can accumulate over time, and it just makes your entire home feel fresher. It also does absolutely nothing to address the source of odors. It will give you clean carpet fibers, but the odors seeping out of those fibers won’t stop no matter how much steam you use.

Don’t Just Hide Odors. Eliminate Odors. With HVAC UV Lights.

You might already be familiar with UV air purification systems for the way they deactivate or outright destroy allergens or infectious agents that are trying to make their way into your home.

demonstrating an hvac uv light

But that’s not their only superpower. As odor-causing particles pass into your HVAC system and get exposed to the germicidal UV light, the ionizing effects simply turn them off. The conditioned air gets pumped back into your home, smelling more fresh and more clean than the most expensive “Pure Linen” candle could ever manage. 

So not only are you helping your family live healthier lives - you’re making those lives a little more pleasant by destroying the odors infesting your home. And all you have to do is turn on a light.

Pair A Germicidal UV Light With Duct Cleaning For The Ultimate Fresh

There is one thing a UV light can’t do on its own - and that’s clean up accumulated dust, dirt and debris in your home’s ductwork. Once your air has been sterilized and deodorized, it still has to pass through that musty labyrinth - which can undo a lot of the work the UV light just did. 

That’s why Comfort Experts offers a 2-for-1 service that puts your home in a perfect position for pleasant scents. We’ll install a powerful new UV light air purifier for your HVAC system and perform a thorough duct cleaning. This way any existing odors get knocked out by the UV light - and your air won’t pick up any stowaways on its way back into your home.

Ready to experience a home that’s more clean and welcoming than you could ever imagine? Then reach out to Comfort Experts online or call 817-341-5149 to experience a whole new level of fresh air.

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