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You’ve likely experienced a power outage or two at some point in your life. However, our nation’s power grid is often something we take for granted and forget about. Yet, if it were to go down, due to an all too frequent cyberattack or physical damage, our routines would be disturbed for more than a few hours, potentially lasting days, months, or even years.

If the power grid goes down, millions of people would literally be left in the dark about what’s going to happen next. No power grid means no electricity, communications, or reliable transport of food and water coming in. Therefore, power isn’t something to play with. Once you’re in the midst of a nationwide outage, it’s too late to plan, and you’ll likely wish you did.

To help you prepare before time runs out, the prepping professionals at Comfort Experts Inc. compiled a list of items you can stock up on or install in case all electricity goes awry. 


Grabbing a few flashlights from the local hardware store, to keep on hand, helps bring immediate light in the case of a massive outage. This handy tool will help you see what you’re doing in the dark, so you can fire up a back generator or access emergency supplies. It’s especially useful at night when you don’t have the sun’s daylight to guide you.

Food and Water

Our commerce can’t flow without power. This means there wouldn’t be any more shipments of food or water coming in regularly. Stocking up on extra cans and cases of water is a helpful but temporary solution. Iodine drops help to convert dirty water into usable drinking water if you have to find it from unconventional sources when you eventually run out.

Backup Generators

Installing a generator as a precaution for power outages, gives you a backup energy source, differing from the nation’s main line. Even if the grid goes down, your generator can still power up and return some semblance of your daily life. Generators vary in size and capacity. Smaller models provide electricity to a few appliances, while larger ones power your entire home.

Solar Panel Installation

Finally, installing solar panels offers you a solution that isn’t dependent on the power grid or the lifespan of a generator. Solar panels convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity for your home. While generators run for hours at a time, they can wear out quickly when they are acting as your home’s main source of energy. Solar panels typically last around 25 years and only wean slightly in effectiveness when they are faced with a cloudy day.

Trust the professionals at Comfort Experts Inc. With Your Solar Panels

The experienced electricians at Comfort Experts Inc. in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas are here to help you power up your home during an outage or power grid failure. Don’t get stuck without power to your air conditioner during the summer heat. We specialize in solar panel repairs and installations, to provide you with the most reliable backup electricity options. Our professional electricians can walk you through our solar energy process with ease. 

Don’t hesitate to call us when you’re looking for solar upgrades. Reach us at, (817) 341-5149.

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