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Common Problems with Forced Air Electronic Furnace

As you find ways to keep yourself warm this winter, your furnace is doing its job by helping you control the temperature in your house. But what if it suddenly fails to work properly? Thankfully, if that happens, Comfort Experts is right around the corner and is happy to take care of any heater repair or maintenance issue that may arise.

Forced air electronic furnaces use electricity to heat air for distribution around the house. If you have a forced-air electronic furnace and it’s not giving you warmth as it is supposed to, you should call a professional at Comfort Experts to see how we can help you. We can come to your home to perform a heater repair or a maintenance inspection, all the while helping you to get your home warm and cozy again.

Circuit Overload

One possible cause of your problem may be circuit overload. This happens when the circuit breaker that controls the flow of electricity is tripped in the central circuit breaker. To fix this, we will locate the circuit breaker and determine which switch is connected to the furnace, and then ensure that everything related to that switch is working properly.

Reset Power

Most electronic furnaces have a reset button that can restart your system that is not functioning properly. If we have checked your circuit breaker and it is not tripped, and other troubleshooting has been inconclusive, we may opt to reset the power to your furnace. This will reactivate the equipment and will often fix the problem.

Dirty Filter

Filters will become dirty over time while doing their job. When they become clogged, they will affect the flow of air to your home and will not let it pass through. Replacing the filter can fix many seemingly large problems with your furnace, and your system will be able to generate heat more easily with a clean filter. When we replace your filter, we will often clean the assembly as well to help it avoid clogging.

Squeaky Fan Belts

Another common problem that you might encounter with your furnace is a squeaky noise produced by your fan belts. If that seems to be the problem, give us a call to come out and have a look. We will lubricate the fan belts to get rid of the issue, but if that doesn’t do the trick, your fan belt might need to be replaced.

These problems are all relatively minor and are certainly very common, but it is best to let a professional handle all of your heater maintenance and repair issues. While it is important for you to understand how your furnace works and what might be a sign of a problem, a professional should be called before you take any action to repair your furnace yourself. The best way to protect yourself from these common problems is to have your furnace checked regularly. Also, a tune-up just before colder weather hits is highly recommended. Preventive maintenance can go a long way and is necessary to increase the lifespan of this equipment.