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AC repair can happen when we least expect it, and it is important that you don’t get caught off guard due to simple tasks that you could have done to prevent it. In fact, there are many things that you can do right now that will help keep your AC unit reliable and keep the AC repairs away. Think of it like eating healthy to prevent going to the doctor or flossing so that when you do see the dentist, only basic work needs to be done. Here are 5 jobs that you can do today so that you keep away AC repairs.

#1: Clean Around the Outside of Your Unit

Many people will forget that they need to give routine care to the outside of their unit. Especially if your AC system is tucked away outside or it is on the roof, you will find that this step is often skipped just because of the out of sight, out of mind mentality. When you change your filters, you should also do a visual inspection of the outside unit and remove vines and leaves and anything else that is in the way.

#2: Change Up Your Filter Routine

Even if you change your filter every thirty days, you should focus on the dirt and dander collected versus the timeframe. If the filter is clogged every time you change it, then try replacing it every three weeks to see if that makes a difference. Remember, you want the air to be able to flow through it, and if it can’t, even if for the last few days, you will have AC repair problems in the future. Things like pets and high-traffic homes will sometimes need to change their filter out more frequently.

#3: Keep Up with Dusting and Vacuuming

Reducing the amount of dust and dirt in your home isn’t just going to improve the quality of air in your home, but it keeps your air conditioning unit from working overtime. Your ductwork won’t get as dirty or clogged, and you won’t have to change your filter quite as much.

#4: Add AC Repair Prevention to the Choir Chart

When you have an AC repair choir chart for at-home maintenance, then it will be pretty hard to forget to get those tasks done. You can make this for yourself or for the whole family, and if you get the kids involved it will help them have good habits as they get older. Remember to put tips on there like closing doors to the outside behind you so that they are always visible.

#5: Invest in a New Thermostat

If you want to keep away AC repair, consider investing in a new thermostat. An older thermostat won’t have the capabilities that a new one will, and you’ll find that these help save you money on your energy bill and will provide alerts for maintenance. You will appreciate the ease of use and the fact that this is an affordable way to update your air conditioner.

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