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4 Energy Saving Tips to Prevent Premature Heating and AC Repair

In addition to the regular winter weather adjustments homeowner makes to their home, such as sealing windows with clear plastic covers and placing thick rugs over hardwood floors, there are a few more energy-saving tips that can keep your utility bill from climbing too high due to your HVAC system working too hard. After all, what’s better than having a safe, warm escape from the harsh winter weather after a long day. Comfort Experts is here to tell you what you can do to keep your home toasty warm and prevent premature heating and AC repair.

Check for Air Leaks

Checking your attic to make sure there is enough insulation is a good way to keep your home warm and prevent your HVAC from exerting extra energy. Over time insulation needs to be replaced. Loose or blown-in insulation is a simple way to make sure all the hard to fill in gaps are sealed, such as along the joists.

If your home’s insulation is old-school fiberglass, then consider having a new layer installed over the top in an effort to make sure the insulation is thick enough and there aren’t any air leaks. Another place to look for air leaks is around your windows and exterior doors. Use caulking to seal any and all air leaks. If there is obvious damage to the windows or doors, it is best to replace them. New windows and have a better seal when installed properly.

Reverse Ceiling Fan Airflow

While most people think of fans as creating a gentle breeze during the hotter months, the same fan can keep your home warmer and losing less heat in the winter. Simply change the direction the fan is rotating. On hotter days a fan that is spinning counterclockwise will give a gentle breeze while on colder days a fan that is spinning clockwise will send the warm air coming from your HVAC system up toward the ceiling. This may seem counterproductive to send warm air, which already rises, back up to the ceiling but the warm air will go tumbling back down to the room. What a brilliant concept!

Regulate the Humidity in Your Home   

Using humidity to your advantage is a great way to make your home feel warmer without having to raise your thermostat setting. As many southerners are aware of, the humidity in the air can greatly change the feeling of the temperature making it feel warmer. Winter air is notoriously dry and forced warm air only worsens the problem by taking away what little humidity was there. Not only does the lack of humidity make it feel colder but also causes dry skin and static electricity. Simply using a humidifier set between 30 and 60 percent should keep your home feeling warmer without adding too much moisture to the air and risking a mold issue.

Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Checkup

Seasonal maintenance is the most vital of all these tips and keeps from needing to call for emergency heating and/or AC repair.

Comfort Experts want to make sure your home is warm enough for you to escape the cold weather this winter season. Give us a call today to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system. It’s better than waiting until you need to make a call for emergency heating and AC repair.