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With the internet so easily accessible, we have information at our fingertips anytime we want or need it.   But sometimes that information may not be right or accurate.  It is important to get your facts straight, especially when it comes to your air conditioner.  Going off of wrong information often does more harm than good.  So here are some more top ac myths debunked.

Adjusting the AC Temperature Does Absolutely Nothing

Adjusting the temperature to be set a little higher in the summer really does help.  Not only does it help save money on the monthly energy bill but it also keeps your AC unit from working too hard.  When your AC unit is working hard to keep up with a lower temperature in the house, it can lead to wear and tear much sooner, which may mean costly repair expenses.  Consider setting the temperature in your home higher at night as it begins to cool off a little and also during the day when you are out of the house.  Every little bit helps keep your AC running efficiently.  And who doesn’t love little extra savings each month?

An Energy Efficient Unit Is the Answer to All My Problems

An energy-efficient unit is great.  It will save you money on your bills, but there are also other factors to consider.  For instance, you must also think about what size of unit you are installing in your home.  A unit that is too small will have to work hard to cool your home while an oversized unit may short cycle.  It will turn off and on frequently and not properly cool the home.  Both of these problems will end up costing you extra expenses on energy bills.  So while an energy-efficient unit can be a wonderful investment, be sure to also consider the size you purchase.

Air Conditioners Are Only for Cooling the Home

Cooling off your house and making it a comfortable place to be is only part of the job of an AC unit.  Air conditioners also have a job of reducing the humidity in your home.  If your house was cooler but still had a significant amount of humidity, it would not feel like it had cooled off much.  Some newer units even come with a drying function.  Reducing the humidity inside also makes it feel cooler.  So be sure your AC is working properly by both lower the temperature and reducing humidity inside for an ideal temperature in the house.

If at any point, you realize your AC unit is not functioning properly, whether it is short cycling, working too hard, or not removing humidity, contact the expert HVAC technicians at Comfort Experts.  Ensuring that your unit is properly maintained each year will reduce the wear and tear so that it can last for many, many years.  For a yearly maintenance inspection, give us a call today.

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