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Tips to Deal with AC Repair Issues

Getting your air conditioning system repaired or replaced can be an expensive project. While there are times when it’s necessary to do one or the other, you can always troubleshoot your system to see if those costs can be avoided. You certainly don’t want to experience the frustration of calling a service technician out just to flip a breaker. Here are some quick fixes that may help you decide if it’s really time to call for help.

Check Your Breaker or Fuse

As mentioned above, if your system won’t come on, a tripped breaker can be the source of your problem. Check your breaker box for any tripped breakers. It’s not unusual for a breaker to flip when a lot of major appliances such as your air conditioning system, your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and so forth all operate at the same time. If your breaker is not flipped, or it continues to flip after you turn it back on, it’s time to call a professional.

Check the Thermostat

For many people, the only part of their system they operate regularly is the thermostat. It’s another place to check if your system is having problems. It may just need a new battery. It may also just need to be adjusted so the desired temperature setting is below room temperature. Above all, make sure it’s turned on. Another family member may have turned it off and failed to tell you.

Check the Unit for Ice or Water

If you check the unit itself and see water or ice in or around it, that could be the source of your problem. If there’s a lot of ice around it, it may not be able to operate properly. To melt the ice quickly, turn the unit off and switch the fan only to on. This will melt the ice quickly, but you will still want to call a certified professional to take a look at it to see why it iced up in the first place.

Regular Maintenance and Changing Your Filter

Replacing the filter on a regular basis helps resolve many problems before they get a chance to develop. A clogged filter impedes air flow, and it can cause your system to be inefficient. It can also cause electrical components to burn out. Check the filter often, and have your system checked yearly by a professional. The cost of that tune-up can easily outweigh the increased costs of an inefficient or failing system.