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When a furnace has been regularly inspected and repaired, there usually isn’t any cause for concern.  Most furnaces can operate and run like a well-oiled machine, without any issues.  But sometimes, a furnace can break down unexpectedly, and it can be important to determine the difference between just a regular repair versus an emergency situation.  Some things are more threatening than other issues and require immediate attention whereas others are minor fixes that can wait.  But when is it an emergency that warrants calling in HVAC professionals as soon as possible?

Electrical Problems

HVAC systems rely on electricity to function.  But electrical issues can be a serious problem that needs to be addressed by a professional right away as attempting repairs on your own is not safe.  For example, your lights in your home should not flicker when your heating system turns on.  This is a sign that your HVAC system needs immediate attention. Any electrical issues are potential hazards that can be dangerous.  It is estimated that electrical malfunction was the cause of over 43,000 house fires that led to 1600 injuries and over 400 deaths.  It’s no joke when your HVAC system needs electrical work done.  Call the professional at Comfort Experts to ensure your furnace and its electrical hookups are working properly this winter.

HVAC Turning Off and On

Rapid cycling is when the furnace turns on and off again quickly.  There are many reasons as to why your furnace might be doing this.  It could be because the air filter needs to be changed. It could also be because there is an issue with the motor and belts.  If you change the air filter and it still doesn’t correct the problem, it’s time to call the HVAC professionals.  If your motor goes out and your heater can’t function, it can leave your home cold and uncomfortable on a chilly winter night.  For your comfort and for the health of you and your family, this may be a time to consider calling an HVAC professional no matter what time of day it is.

Loud and Unusual Noises

Some furnaces just run louder than others normally and there is no problem associated with the noise.  But if the noise is strange or different than usual, it could be a sign of something that is in need of repair.  For instance, the ductwork could have holes or leaks causing the strange sounds meaning it needs to be sealed.  Also, strange noises coming directly from the furnace could be related to the motor needing to have oil applied or the pilot light needing to be looked at.  Pinging or popping sounds are most likely ductwork expanding or contracting because of heat.  Squealing sounds may be caused by a belt issue.  Rattling noises are a sign that loose panels may need to be tightened.  Grinding sounds are a little more serious, possible because of repairs needed on the motor bearings.  None of these is an emergency per se, but they could be costly if they aren’t looked at sooner rather than later as it could lead to a more costly repair job in the future.

If you are in dire straights and need the help of an HVAC professional right away, Comfort Experts is only a phone call away.  We will be there as soon as possible to help you get your furnace back up and running once again.

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