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Real estate investing is a large and lucrative industry, but you have to really do your homework and be careful who put your trust in. Chances are, you’re not an expert in every single facet of home flipping, so you need reliable advisers to help you make wise choices during your flip. One big area of concern is the condition of the central air and heating unit.  A unit is expensive and if you make the wrong decision about it, it can cost you thousands upfront and it can determine if you make a profit or a loss on a house.

When you’re selling a house, the HVAC system can make or break the deal. When you’re inspecting the HVAC unit and making a decision about repairing, replacing or leaving it there, the first thing you should do is look at the inside and outside units and check a number of things on each. Then, you should hire a professional, licensed company to inspect the entire unit.

The Exterior Unit

The exterior unit is probably where the inspector will begin.  They will check to see if the unit is clean, without any long grass, plants, or vines growing around it or with any other obstructions that will impact the operation and efficiency of the unit.  The exterior unit uses intake airflow to warm and cool the house, so anything in the way will disrupt the efficiency of the unit.

The coils are also an important part of the exterior as they can become dirty from debris, dust, dirt, and grass.  Sometimes nests from birds or insects can affect the performance if they are inside or around the unit. Luckily, these are minor issues that can easily be removed, but you should always have the technician take care of this issue.  Add some bonus points if the unit is on a concrete slab.  A concrete slab typically stays more leveled and elevates the compressor which keeps it a couple of inches above the grass, giving it better airflow and making it more efficient.

The Interior Unit

Usually when the exterior unit is cleaned and appears in good shape, then the system inside is turned on.  If you previously noticed that system wasn’t cooling well and now it is, then you know it just needed a good cleaning outside.  The air filter is another area you can easily check and fix if there are issues, though this is hardly a reason that will affect your decision to purchase a house or completely replace the AC unit. Even the thermostat is a quick fix if it’s less than ideal, but any major wiring issues or out-of-date equipment should be discussed with an AC professional.

The Investment

There’s a lot of risk in flipping houses.  Making sure you have an HVAC unit that is in good shape is crucial to making or breaking the deal, both for you and for a potential buyer.  When it comes to inspecting an HVAC unit, you must always hire an expert to do the inspection. For thorough and professional inspections or if you have any heating and air questions, call the HVAC professionals at Comfort Experts, Inc.

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