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Comfort Experts President Honored for Support of Military Employees

Comfort Experts take pride in their military employees.  Their support of our military extends to their very own ac repair technicians.  Comfort Experts/Hobson AC President Brett Hobson’s respect for our country’s military is evident in the way he supports his own active military employees.  Such open support of those in the military has earned him a high honor as he recently received the Patriot Award.

A Prestigious Award

The Patriot Award is awarded through the ESGR, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve program.  The ESGR, established in 1972 by the Department of Defense, was founded to bring awareness to the cooperation and support of civilian employers that recognize the importance of their Reserve Component service member employees.  This award specifically honors those employers to prevent conflict from arising in the workplace because of an employee’s military commitment and duty to their country.  The Patriot Award is given to those employers that support citizen warriors by allowing for flexible schedules, time off both before and after deployment, granting absences as needed, and caring for families of employees serving in the military.  It truly is an honor to be presented with this award.

President Brett Hobson Goes Above and Beyond

President Hobson was nominated for the Patriot Award by employee Michael Schultz.  Michael Schultz is an employee of Comfort Experts and is also active in the National Guard.  When asked why he nominated Brett Hobson, Schultz spoke of Hobson’s loyal support of his military service.  He said, “I nominated him because he doesn’t question when I have to leave for military duty. I had a physical fitness test last week, it wasn’t on the schedule, and he just said, ‘See you when you get back,’”.

Schultz also went on to say how meaningful it was to have an employer who supported his military service.  He spoke of coming from previous companies who demanded to see paperwork to work at Comfort Experts where Mr. Hobson was so quick to offer to understand and what a wonderful feeling that was to see an employer go above and beyond in their support of military personnel.

A Company that Supports Our Military

Hobson AC/Comfort Experts employs over 50 active military and veterans.  They take pride in hiring military men and women who give everything to honor our country.  Brett Hobson himself said that this company strives to create a culture that supports the military, including members of the Guard.  He went on to state that veterans are some of the most hardworking employees he has at his company so it’s not only the right thing to do but also great for his business.

Veterans are extensively trained during their time in the military and come into the workforce with many of the skills needed to be successful at their jobs already.  President Hobson stated, “We can teach them out to fix an air conditioner, but we can’t teach them how to be a nice person.”

When you support Comfort Experts, you know you are supporting a professional, experienced company that not only goes above and beyond to provide the very best in AC services, but also goes above and beyond to support our military.  Work with the best of the best when you call Comfort Experts for all your HVAC needs today.