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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner

When your air conditioning system breaks down, calling a professional to repair it is an obvious solution. Most problems can be repaired, and the professional you call can also discuss long-term solutions so future problems can be avoided. But what do you do when the repairs can’t fix things? What if the time has come to confront the ultimate solution – replacing your system? It can be intimidating to think about this, of course. It can cost a lot of money, but you need to consider the reality that not replacing your system is also costing you a lot. Along with the cost of repairs, there’s an unseen cost in terms of higher utility bills.It may be time to do one of those plus and minus charts. Ultimately, you’ve got to determine if the inconvenience caused by frequent repairs, the cost of frequent repairs, and the overall discomfort caused by frequent repairs is out-balanced by the cost of replacement. If you’re not sure, here are a few things to consider.

Your AC Has Been Around for a While

When you start thinking about replacing your car, you look at a number of things. You’ll consider its mileage. You’ll consider how often you have to repair it. You’ll consider if the features available in newer models over-ride your familiarity with your current vehicle. Is your current vehicle as safe as newer ones? Does it get as good mileage from gas as newer ones? You’ve been there, and it’s a routine you’re very familiar with.

Air conditioning systems are just like cars in that respect. If they had odometers, you’d be tracking things like how old is my system? How well does it run when compared to when I got it? Am I having to fix it all the time? And finally, is it time to replace it?

More Frequent Repairs

Let’s talk about that issue of frequent repairs. If it’s happening often enough to irritate you, it’s not going to get better on its own. Those repairs are providing temporary help, but they don’t last forever, and they start coming more and more often. One part replaced doesn’t mean another won’t wear out next month. When you have that professional out to fix your system, talk about the benefits of continued repairs as opposed to replacement.

It’s Not Doing Its Job

Have you ever gone out to start your car and have it refuse to start? Has it taken repeated efforts? Does the gas gauge drop more quickly than it used to? Is it burning oil? Has its “get up and go gotten up and left?”

Your air conditioning system can have similar problems. Are the temperatures in your home inconsistent? Does it take longer to cool it? How long does it keep you comfortable? You may discover the only thing your air conditioning system is doing well is costing you money.

Talk With A Professional

The professionals at Comfort Experts aren’t going to tell you to replace your system just because they want to sell you a new one. We’re here to help you, and meeting your best needs is the best way to do that. We can look at your system, and we can determine what your best option may be. We’ll give you an honest assessment, and we won’t pressure you into making a decision you’re aren’t comfortable with. Ultimately, it’s your decision, and we’ll make sure you have the facts to make that decision.