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Why We Should Be Your First Call

Picture this… your heating and air conditioning system fails to function as you have previously relied upon it to do. The comfort of your home and, depending upon the weather outside, the health and safety of those who live in it, is being compromised. This is no small circumstance, and you aren’t a heating and air specialist, so the sense of dread and panic might begin to set in. You need a solution—fast. These problems always seem to occur in seasons when pausing to do your research or comparing opinions and quotes seems a luxury for someone else who doesn’t have work and a family and other obligations.

Enter the Comfort Experts! We serve many Texans like you who want their heating and air conditioning systems in their home to function at peak efficiency. We are currently offering a special that allows you to receive a FREE second opinion. It is imperative that you have all the information and clarity you need to make an educated decision about your next AC repair. Anything that can determine the comfort level of your home so drastically as central AC is no small matter, and deserves a second opinion. We will send out a certified HVAC technician to assess the current state of your heating and air conditioning systems. This initial consultation is complimentary and should help you to form a picture of what exactly needs to be done to get your air conditioning unit back to work. Our diagnosis of your comfort and energy usage won’t be one size fits all. We will tailor solutions to your lifestyle and needs in this current season and make a repair recommendation from there.

If you feel you still require more information beyond this comprehensive consultation, we will pay for a second opinion (up to $99) to help ease your mind and confirm our assertions. All that we ask is that you allow our team to observe the additional consultation ourselves. It is really that simple!

This offer is meant to provide transparency and establish a relationship with you as a client that is based upon trust. We stand by this value so firmly that we will perform the work you request and send someone to fix it free of charge should you have any further trouble with it during the upcoming season. Our work is guaranteed and can be trusted to help you weather hot and cold with your loved ones.

Call our offices today to set up your free consultation with one of our licensed and experienced AC technicians at your home. Technicians are prepared to answer any questions you may have, as well as suggest long-term solutions and lifestyle-related customizations to your HVAC systems. We will be happy to serve as your comfort specialists because as our name suggests, we are the Comfort Experts!