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Which Type of New AC System Might Be Right for Your Home?

We understand that learning your home will require new heating and air system is near the bottom of your list of things you’d like to be informed of. Should you find yourself in this situation, our team at Comfort Experts, Inc is here to assist you. Call our offices today to schedule your free consultation. Our expert technicians will evaluate your needs on the basis of energy usage/efficiency as well as comfort/lifestyle. It is important to have a recommendation for a new system to be made upon examining your home as a whole.

Energy efficiency is oftentimes built into the very components of newly constructed homes. It is not uncommon nowadays to see more efficient materials used in all sorts of aspects of your home, such as new insulation, weather stripping, electrical systems, and energy-saving windows. These factors often mean that your home can be heated or cooled with a much less beefy system than would have been prescribed for a home your size of an older variety or with no updates. Our team can evaluate the exact right system for your needs and home specifications. It is our goal to optimize the energy efficiency of your AC systems and provide superior, lasting comfort in your home.

Once you have a picture of how powerful your new AC system will need to be to effectively heat and cool your home, you can determine the specific type of AC system might be right to address your HVAC needs.

Most homes utilize central AC as the main method for regulating temperature in the home. Air is heated or cooled and moved through the home to circulate, then recycled back in through various return vents, etc.

Some homes benefit more from ductless air conditioning or mini-split AC. This type of system is particularly beneficial to those who desire to be able to cool specific rooms and areas in their home individually, and without affecting the others. It functions similarly to central AC in the way of having controls accessed inside the home, but sourcing the air through a compressor outside.

In some cases, such as additions to homes, guesthouses, or separate workspaces, window air conditioning units are the perfect tool to obtain optimal heat/cooling capacity without installing a larger system in a smaller space. These systems function to insert cool air into space while recycling hot air out the other end.

Finally, some homeowners will be advised to consider alternative AC systems for the heating and cooling needs of their homes. Hybrid Systems, as well as geothermal systems, function a bit differently from typical systems. Hybrid systems utilize whichever form of energy is most efficient for you to run the system. Fossil fuels and electricity can each power your AC system, consequently saving you money. Geothermal systems use the heat from the ground via coils installed to either heat or cool your home. Both of these types of systems are efficient and possess superior value.