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When Is It Time for a New AC System?

Replacing a furnace can sound daunting and, as most homeowners know, expensive. It’s tempting to assume that as long as an air conditioning system is cooling your house, it is in working condition and doesn’t need to be replaced. However, keeping an old or inefficient AC can sometimes cost more and be more of a hassle than simply replacing it, and it can be hard to determine when that point has come. These are some tips from Comfort Experts to determine if it is time for AC repair or a whole new AC system.


The lifespan of an average air conditioner is about ten to fifteen years. After ten years of age, AC can begin to lose efficiency and become less reliable. At this time you should start weighing whether AC repair is the right option or if a replacement would be better. Another factor to consider is that older systems use a refrigerant called R22 which is being replaced over time to meet environmental protection regulations. Because of being phased out R22 can be hard to find and is becoming more expensive, making repairs harder and more costly to continue. New AC systems are designed with this regulation in mind and in addition to not needing hard-to-find resources, are more energy efficient. These modern systems can also better keep up with record-high temperatures.

High Bills

As AC units age, they lose efficiency and begin to have a harder time adequately cooling the home, using more power each time. This increased need for power can raise monthly utility bills over time, and not because of rising rates or expansions to your home. If there is a steady increase in your bills over time, you will either need to explore AC repair or replacement and if the unit is older, a repair may not get you the results you want. Newer AC systems are more eco-friendly and require less power, leading to a reduction in bills over time. The expense of a new air conditioner may not be as high as the cost of paying higher bills for years in the future.

Moisture and Humidity

Because AC is designed to cool and dehumidify a home’s air, water is an important component of their functioning. If your home feels muggy, it may be an indication that the AC is not doing its job properly. More commonly, you will notice signs of moisture in your home that point to the need for AC repair. If moisture gathers around your windows, or there is leakage near the unit, there is likely something wrong, such as a refrigerant leak or an inability to properly regulate. Leakage can also lead to mold and water damage. Not only do these indicate an issue with the AC, but both mold and coolant in the air can lead to health risks for you and your family. If you see signs of water damage around your AC unit, contact Comfort Experts immediately to ensure you are not at risk of these issues.

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