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What You Should Know About Covering Your AC This Winter

Covering your AC unit during the winter months may be the last thing on your mind as the cold moves in.  But it is important to protect your unit from the elements.  Covering your unit prevents leaves and debris from getting in the unit in the fall and ice from forming and damaging it during the winter.  Did you know there are a right way and a wrong way to cover your unit?  Follow this advice to guarantee your ac unit is properly covered and protected this winter season

Why Covering Your AC Unit Is a Good Idea

In the fall, falling leaves in and around your unit could cause problems.  Any build of up of debris might damage parts of the ac unit.  Furthermore, dust or debris flying around in the fall will require more cleaning come spring.  If you forget to regularly maintain or clean your unit, you may be looking at possible costly repairs.  Ice and snow can also cause significant damage to your ac if it is not properly protected.  Falling ice can dent or damage the unit while snow will get inside and can ruin the coils or fan blade.  To avoid damage, be sure to make it a priority to cover your AC every year.

The Wrong Way to Cover an AC Unit

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to cover your unit. Improperly covering the unit could lead to more damage instead of protecting it as you initially intended.  Never cover the unit in a plastic.  Plastic is not a breathable material.  It may keep out the leaves, ice, and snow, but it could lead to rust or mold because of accumulated moisture and lack of airflow.

The Correct Way to Cover an AC Unit

First and foremost, be sure that you are using a breathable material when you cover the unit to protect it yet keep moisture out.  Plywood over the top of the unit will further protect it from falling debris such as snow and ice.  Keep plywood in place with heavy bricks or stones.  If you don’t want to put plywood over the top, you could protect your AC unit with an awning installed over the AC unit for maximum protection.  The benefits of a covering that is specifically built to protect your unit is that it will provide protection from debris in the winter and shade to keep your unit from overheating in the summer.  Again, airflow is critical, so research and plan your covering before building.  If you aren’t handy, most hardware stores carry specialized AC unit covers that will meet the needs of your AC unit as recommended by experts.  Before covering the ac unit, be sure to perform the necessary cleaning and maintenance.  For regular maintenance every spring and fall, call upon the ac repair professionals at Comfort Experts.  They will guarantee your unit is properly protected in winter and in tip-top shape during the summer.