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What to Expect from an Annual AC Maintenance Visit

Calling an AC repair technician to come out annually and perform maintenance on your air conditioning unit is vital to ensure a properly running system. An AC unit is most likely to last longer when properly maintained. But what does an AC repair professional do during these maintenance visits?

A Full Inspection

In order to ensure your unit is working properly, the experienced AC technician will run your unit.  They will inspect to see that every part is working correctly.  A complete inspection of your AC system will involve looking at both the inside and outside parts of the system to make sure they are running efficiently. The checklist for a proper inspection includes checking the refrigerant level, inspecting major parts such as the compressor, condenser, or evaporator, checking for leaks, inspecting wiring, and checking for debris or clogs. If the technician notices any wear and tear that may affect your unit this summer, they might suggest replacing a part of doing a minor AC repair.

Proper Cleaning of the Unit

It is important to make sure that your air conditioning unit is properly cleaned each year.  Some parts may even require more regular cleaning throughout the hot summer months.  An AC repair technician will clean the unit of dust and debris.  They will also replace the air filter if needed.  When cleaning the coils, a special foam is used to ensure maximum efficiency.  The technician will check and clean both the inside evaporator coil and outside coil.  Areas of high humidity may require a cleaning of the drain as moisture will cause algae to grow or corrosion to occur.  Making sure the condensation pan and drain are clean and clear of debris is an important part of the inspection. If they are not cleaned, water could back up and leak into the home.  Call an AC repair technician for peace of mind this summer.

Fixing Problem Areas

If at any time during the maintenance inspection, an AC repair professional finds that something isn’t working efficiently, they will advise that the problem be fixed.  Most of the time, the AC repair technician can fix the part on-site.  For instance, belts often wear over time.  If your belt shows significant wear and tear at the time of the maintenance check, then the technician can replace it for you that day.  This ensures that your unit will run more efficiently this summer.

Final Steps

After the AC repair technician finished the maintenance check, he will write a detailed report of what was done.  The technician will record all cleaning and repairs made to the system during the visit. If any problems were found, he will make a note of them.  If there are possible improvements that may need to be made in the future, he will write those down as well. A properly maintained AC unit is important to make sure your AC works at the highest efficiency this summer.  An AC repair professional can help this happen.