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What’s That Sound? Noises Your AC Makes and What They Mean

For most of us, we are used to the low sounds our air conditioning unit makes on a daily basis: a click on or off, and the light sound of a fan. But when your AC starts making different sounds it can be nerve-wracking trying to identify the cause of the new noise. Luckily, Comfort Experts have heard any sound an AC can make and have some advice on what they might mean.


A loud buzzing noise usually means there is an electrical issue. Rather than traditional AC repair, this may require work to be done on the wiring within your system. Try to understand if the buzzing is more common when certain settings are or are not activated as this can help identify the cause of the issue.


A loud, strange pulsating noise coming from your AC indicates an issue related to its internal fans, and a rather inexpensive AC repair is needed. Often, this sound is caused by a loose fan blade or a malfunctioning fan motor that can be easily adjusted.


A hissing sound can indicate a severe problem with you’re a unit such as a leak or a compressor issue. If the refrigerant is leaking, a light hiss will indicate this, with a potential bubbling sound as well. The leak could also be a valve leak, which needs to be addressed professionally quickly as it will worsen without care. Hissing is a sign you should turn off your unit and contact a professional AC repair service immediately.


A crackling noise means it is likely that some small debris, like paper or plastic, has been sucked into the unit and become caught in the fan. Left unattended, the fan motor will burn up with this debris in place This debris could also be coming from old ductwork within your air ducts, which can come loose and rattle to create a cracking effect.


This type of sound points to a problem related to refrigerant lines. Most likely, the air is trapped in the liquid coolant system due to lines not being properly sealed. This does not pose a danger but should be addressed by an AC repair professional to ensure there is no greater root cause.


On one hand, a clicking sound often is a loose part in your AC hitting another part, particularly a fan blade. This is relatively benign and easy to have repaired. However, a clicking sound can also indicate more severe problems with the electrical connection. Your AC unit should click when turning on or off, and repeated clicking often means that there is a control panel issue causing switches to turn on and off sporadically. This can be caused by faulty electrical signals, which can also lead to sparking and be dangerous to you and your family.

Whatever you are hearing from your AC unit, it is best to consult the professionals at Comfort Experts to ensure that the root cause is not dangerous and have it addressed quickly.

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