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What Is Your Old HVAC System Costing You? Is It Time to Upgrade?

For many homeowners, the heating and air conditioning systems that power the comfort level of their home are large appliances that go unnoticed until something is amiss. It isn’t hard to see how individuals can fail to see the signs that it might be time to upgrade to a newer, more efficient HVAC System. The staff of licensed and certified HVAC service technicians at Comfort Experts, Inc. are ready and able to help you determine if this is the season in which you upgrade your heating and cooling systems to save money and improve your level of comfort.

The motivating factor for helping you to decide to invest in a better system may very well be the costs and inconveniences you are incurring related to the less than optimal performance of your older system.

Expensive Repairs Go Hand-in-Hand with Antiquated Systems

You may not have considered the significant costs that go along with repairing parts of an older system. Not only will the age of the system necessitate more and more repairs, just by the nature of an older HVAC system aging and having things go wrong with it, but your system will also function using older, harder to find parts. HVAC technicians will also likely be less familiar with the functions of the unit since they are seen less often in today’s modern technology.

Take a Look at Your Utility Bills

It is no secret that older HVAC systems are less efficient than modern systems. This is, in part, due to the fact that legislation passed in the early eighties demanded a greater deal of accountability in reference to the efficiency of these essential appliances. Also, innovators have just improved upon the capacity of these machines. When you factor in that newer systems perform better, it isn’t a leap to see that by upgrading, you could nearly chop your utility bill in half. The Comfort Experts, Inc. team has seen this difference in efficiency firsthand, and we wholeheartedly recommend an upgrade.

Health Concerns Follow Older Systems

Older AC units simply weren’t designed to filter as effectively as modern ones do. The filter of your heating and air conditioning system is the largest component that protects you and your loved ones from stagnant air and the problems it can cause. Allergies, respiratory infections, and even residual cold/flu germs can plague homes with older heating and cooling systems.

Is “Until the Wheels Fall Off” the Best Strategy with Your HVAC System?

All in all, it is not our recommendation that you try to squeeze the fullest life out of your HVAC system if your home is beginning to suffer inefficiencies because of that longevity. Just because your heating and cooling systems still technically function does not mean that they are serving your home well. Contact our team of professional HVAC technicians today to see how your home might benefit from a newer, more modern AC system.