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Watch Out for These Unusual Heater Noises

Some noises coming from certain appliances are normal noises to be expected, for example, the toaster as it pops up, the microwave as it alerts you that your food is done, or the refrigerator as it cycles on and off.  But the heater is not an appliance that you want to make noises.  Both heaters and air conditioners are designed to run quietly because they are on a good majority of the day during the winter and summer months.  The only sounds you should hear from a heater are the sounds of it gently firing up as it blows hot air throughout the house.  Any other noise is not a good sign.  Here are some unusual noises that mean it may be time to call the experts to investigate.


A squealing heater is not a reason to emit squeals of laughter.  Instead, it’s just the opposite.  If your heater makes a squealing noise when running, it could be a serious issue related to the belt, motor, or bearing.  While it may not be dangerous or even a cause for concern right away, it could lead to costly repairs later on.  Be sure to have squealing noises coming from your heater checked out before expenses add up.


A rattling sound is usually a sign that something is loose on your heater.  It could be inside the air ducts or the furnace itself.  A loose screw can eventually become a bigger problem, so investigate right away to see what is causing the vibrating or rattling sound coming from the heater.  You will want a professional to fix this sound as soon as possible before it can cause the whole system to break down.


Big, booming sounds coming from the heater could be a definite sign that something is significantly wrong with your heating system.  This booming noise coming from the furnace can be dangerous as it could be a sign that you have a delayed gas ignition.  Delayed gas ignition means that gas is building up inside the furnace instead of burning up and is causing an explosion within the furnace.  Obviously, this can’t be safe and should be fixed right away.


Whistling, just like when you whistle with your lips, is a sound that is created because of a hole somewhere in your HVAC system, usually in the ductwork.  This hole is most likely letting hot air out instead of pushing into your home, therefore not heating the home as efficiently as it should.  This lack of efficiency can also cost more in the form of higher energy bills.  As soon as that hole is sealed, your heater will be able to function at maximum efficiency, saving you money each month.

The moral of the story is that even though not every noise is dangerous, it is something that should be addressed.  Comfort Experts can help with all heater repairs, big and small to ensure your heater is working properly.  Call today to schedule your annual maintenance and stop problems before they start!