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Top 3 Most Common Furnace Repair Problems

You need your furnace to be well equipped to operate at its best through the cold temperatures of winter.  You don’t ever want to be without heat, especially when the temperatures begin to drop.  But the HVAC system, including the furnace, is a complicated system that can sometimes break down.  Here are the top three most common furnace problems and what can be done to fix them.

Problem 1: Ductwork Has a Leak

HVAC ductwork isn’t always properly sealed, which can allow air to leak out of cracks of holes.  Air leaky out through the ductwork can waste energy and money as all the air isn’t getting inside the home.  Wasted energy is one thing, but leaky ductwork can also let harmful particles inside and affect the quality of air you breathe every day.  Sealing leaky ducts goes a long way in improving the temperature of the home as well as decreasing energy usage and energy expenses each month.

Problem 2: Poor Airflow Throughout the Home

If you were to put your hands over the vents in your home, you should feel an ample amount of air flowing through.  If you don’t, this could be a problem related to your furnace. Sometimes, not enough airflow is caused by furniture or other debris blocking the vents.  Readjust and move furniture for optimum airflow.  Some vents could be closed, impacting the air getting into the room or causing some rooms to be colder than others.  Make sure all vents are open, even in rooms that don’t get as much use as others.  Dirt build-up on the outside of the HVAC unit could also contribute to poor airflow.  Clean off any dust or debris and change air filters regularly to allow clean air to get through and circulate throughout the house.

Problem 3: Unwanted Odors

Abnormal smells coming from the furnace is never a good sign.  One of the first things you should do is check for gas leaks and notify the appropriate parties if you should suspect a gas leak.  If it’s not related to a  gas leak, it could be related to a dirty air filter.  Clogged air filters can be filled with all kinds of particles such as dirt, dust, pet hair, or even mildew that have developed over time that can cause an unwanted smell to permeate the air.  Get rid of these nasty odors by regularly changing the air filter.  It is recommended that you change the air filter at least once every three months for optimum effectiveness.

Should your furnace be in need of repair that you can’t fix yourself, Comfort Experts HVAC professionals are here to help.  Call to make an appointment or to set up your yearly maintenance for your furnace to ensure it is able to run optimally all season long.