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Tips to Deal with an AC Issue

Without a doubt, air conditioning repair can be very costly, especially when you have to call on a professional to replace or fix major equipment. While there are situations in which you cannot avoid the costs, you can always troubleshoot the system first before making the call for a professional. Many times the problem is something that you can fix yourself and save money, or in some cases, there may not be a problem at all. It can be frustrating to pay a technician any amount of money only for him to come and flip your breaker on and everything goes back to normal. The following are some of the quick fixes that you can perform before you pick up the phone and call an AC repair company.

Check Your Breaker or Fuse

The very first thing that you should do is to take a trip to your breaker or fuse box and check for any flipped switches.  If the system isn’t coming on at all then this may be your problem. If you are using several pieces of electrical equipment in the house such as a fridge, lights, electronics, and several other things on one breaker, the breaker may trip and the AC may not operate. A quick check and flipping it back on if it’s tripped can save you money and hassle. If you check all the breakers and the system still does not come on at all, then you may have a larger issue and need a professional. Additionally, if the breaker continues to shut off from your AC after you turn it back on, you should contact a professional immediately as this may be a sign of a more serious and potentially dangerous problem.

Check the Thermostat

The other place that you should check on is the thermostat. If the unit that you use operates on batteries, it could just be a matter of putting in new batteries to be up and running.  If that isn’t the case you should ensure that the thermostat is set to a temperature that is below the room temperature. You should also ensure that it is turned on and that the settings are as they should be.  It would be better to be slightly embarrassed by yourself then in front of a heating and cooling specialist.

Check the Unit for Ice or Water

If you check the unit itself and see ice or water in or around it, then this could definitely be your problem. If the AC has a lot of ice on or around it, it may not be able to cool as required.  To melt the ice quickly, just turn off the system and switch the fan on. This will melt the ice away in no time.  While it is melting, you will want to call a certified cooling expert to see what the problem is and how to fix it.

Regularly Maintenance and Changing Your Filter

Many problems that cause the need for professional AC repairs may be avoided just by having the filter changed frequently. When the filter gets clogged and dirty, the lack of airflow can lead to a host of problems with the air conditioner.  The problems range from inefficiency to burning the electrical components of your unit. In some cases, the clogged filter may cause the AC to ice up. You should definitely check on the filter often in order to regularly maintain your cooling system.