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Tips for Pet Owners on Maintaining your AC Unit

Pet owners know that pet hair and dander are two things that come with having a pet in the home.  You can guarantee some of this hair is ending up in your HVAC filter.  This can affect the efficiency of your unit.  Here are some easy tips for maintaining your AC unit when you have a pet in the home.

Replace Air Filters Often

Because pet hair and dander are commonly in the home and air, replacing your air filter for your AC unit is an important part of making sure that it is working properly.  Pets shed, and that hair easily gets all over many parts of the house, including in the air filter and ductwork.  In order for the air to properly run through the filter, it must be clear of debris.  This is why it is recommended that pet owners change their air filters often.  Having your ductwork cleaned is also a great idea.    A reusable air filter might also be the way to go.  When it is full of hair and debris, simply rinse it out, let it dry, and place it back in the unit.  This can be a cost-efficient way to maintain your air filter.

Adjust the Temperature in the Home

Pets are able to adapt to different temperatures easier than we are.  Therefore, they can handle warmer temperatures and still be comfortable.  Save energy and money by raising the temperature in your home slightly while you are out for the day.  The less your AC unit has to work to maintain a cooler temperature, the longer it will last and the more efficient it will be.  Anywhere between 75 and 80 degrees is an acceptable temperature to set your home at while you are gone.  Pets can remain comfortable in these temperatures, and it will save you money and energy use.  Knowing that your pet is still cool and comfortable while you are gone, gives you peace of mind throughout the day.

Block off Access to your Outside Unit

Pet owners know that although we love our pets very much, they often times like to get into things they shouldn’t.  Your AC Unit is one of those things.  Sometimes dogs or cats will try to claw or chew at the AC unit equipment.  This can lead to costly repair.  Fencing off the AC unit so that it is inaccessible to pets it an easy fix.  If the unit is fenced off, pets won’t be tempted to scratch at the unit or chew on the wiring.  While we love our pets, we don’t want them to cost us extra in expensive repairs.

If you have a pet, then remember these easy solutions to helping your AC unit run at maximum efficiency.  Should you need yearly maintenance check-up for optimum efficiency, call your local AC repair technician today.