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Tips for Improving Air Quality in the Winter

In the winter, your house can feel very stale and closed up.  Windows and doors are kept closed and fresh air isn’t allowed to flow throughout the home.  This can affect the air quality inside our home.  More time spent indoors and reduced air circulation are responsible for poorer indoor air quality during the winter.  But there are ways to improve the air quality inside your home this winter by following these simple tips.

Change Clothes and Remove Shoes Upon Entering

Having a place for people to remove their shoes when they enter your home is a great idea to improve air quality inside the home.  This prevents guests or family members from tracking unwanted particles that can contaminate the air.  Changing clothes as soon as you get home also reduces the number of pollutants that get into the air.  If you have pets, be sure to also clean their paws and fur after they come inside from being outdoors.  In extreme instances, you can even shower every day to remove all particles of your hair and body as well.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance in Spring and Fall

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will not only improve its efficiency and increase the life of the unit, but it can also improve the air quality inside your home.  Dust and pollutants get into the house through our HVAC system.  Making sure it is cleaned and inspected regularly will reduce the amount of debris that gets inside.  Additionally, it is very important to change the air filter often if you are worried about poor air quality.  Experts recommend changing air filters about every 3 months, or even sooner if you run your HVAC system often.

Clean and Maintain Ducts

Dust and debris can collect inside the ductwork each time you run your HVAC system.  Schedule a cleaning to remove pollutants and keep them from entering through your vents.  A professional HVAC company will not only clean ductwork, but they can also seal any leaks or gaps that are causing reduced airflow.  This will improve air quality and efficiency while saving you money on your energy bill.

Install an Air Filtration System

The thicker your air filters, the more particles they will prevent from entering your home.  HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are some of the top recommended filters for purer, cleaner air.  However, this type of filter requires a different system in your home.  If spending money to upgrade your HVAC system isn’t in the budget quite yet, considering purchasing air filters with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value).  MERV values between 7 and 13 are thicker and more effective.  Avoid poor indoor air quality this winter and be sure to invest in better air filters.  To find out more about air filtration systems for cleaner air this winter, contact the professionals at Comfort Experts.