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Spring Cleaning and Your AC

Spring is just around the corner, which means that spring cleaning is on the minds of many.  As you prepare to do some maintenance and sprucing up in the inside of your house, don’t forget about the outside as well, especially your AC system.  Along with spring also comes the dreaded allergies.  Again, keeping up to date on maintaining your HVAC system can ensure that pollen stays outside your home, not in, so you don’t suffer from dreadful allergies this spring.  Here are some ways to prepare your HVAC system for spring and allergy season.

Change the Air Filter Often

One of the biggest ways that pollen can get into the home is through dust and debris.  Your air filter can filter out these allergens before they find a way into your home, but only if it is well maintained.  During the spring months, be sure to change the air filter once a month for maximum effectiveness.  Also, HEPA filters, or high energy particulate air filters, are recommended as they are designed to filter out even the smallest allergen in the air.  If you live in an area with higher pollen counts, it may be beneficial to switch out the air filter as often as possible to ensure that clean air is circulating throughout your home all spring long.

Check and Seal Ductwork

Another way pollen can get into the home is through the ductwork.  If not properly maintained and clean, dust and dirt build-up in the ductwork and then filter into the house.  Allergens can also escape through cracks in the ductwork.  To get rid of allergens in the home, have your ductwork professionally cleaned and inspected each spring to remove dirt and seal any leaks.  As an added bonus, ductwork that is sealed properly can save you an average of 30% on your energy bill as it is more efficient all year round.

Consider a Whole House Humidifier

Allergens inside the home often need dry conditions to exist while moist air will eliminate them.  Installing a humidifier will keep the air moist to help get rid of harmful particles within the home.  It improves air quality as well as minimized pollen and any other air particles that may get inside this spring.

Install a UV Air Purification System

If your allergies are bad enough, you may want to consider additional measures to remove allergens such as installing a UV air purification system.  This system is a high filtration system that improves air quality inside the home.  It eliminates harmful contaminants so you can breathe clean, fresh air.

Schedule an Annual Maintenance Inspection

You want to know your HVAC system is working efficiently all year round, protecting you from allergens and keeping your home at comfortable temperatures.  Scheduling an annual inspection with Comfort Experts will do just that.  Our technicians will thoroughly check every part of your system so that you can have peace of mind all year long.  Give us a call today!