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Smart Homeowners Schedule Regular Maintenance Each Spring

Spring has come and warm weather is just around the corner.  The smartest thing you can do as a homeowner is to make sure your AC unit is ready for summer before it strikes with a vengeance.  But why is it important to plan for an annual AC checkup each spring season?  Here are 3 reasons why regular maintenance for your AC is a smart choice.

Prolong the Life of the AC Unit

AC units that have had regular maintenance tend to last longer than units that haven’t.  A trained technician is able to properly clean the unit as well as make any necessary repairs so that it won’t experience excessive wear and tear that shortens its lifespan.  It’s a lot like regularly changing the oil in your car.  No car engine can last without regular oil changes, and no AC unit will work properly without the necessary attention it needs to function at high levels of efficiency.  The recommended time for scheduling a tune-up is spring, right before the heavy workload begins.  Be sure to schedule a regular checkup this spring and increase the lifespan of your AC unit.

Keep the AC from Breaking Down During the Hot Summer Months

There is nothing more undesirable than finding out your AC unit isn’t working during the heat of summer.  But a regular maintenance checkup can decrease the likelihood that this will happen to you.  AC repair technicians are skilled at detecting any minute problem and correcting it before it can turn into a bigger problem this summer.  Technicians from Comfort Experts will be sure to tighten any loose wiring, lubricate all moving parts so they function smoothly, check and clean the evaporator and coils, look for clogs or leaks, check the refrigerant levels, check and change the air filter if needed, as well as any other tune-ups that may need to be done.

Decrease Monthly Energy Bill Expenses

On average, yearly maintenance tune-ups for your AC unit can save about 15% a month on energy bill expenses.  A better working AC unit is more energy-efficient, meaning it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the home.  The less energy your AC unit uses, the more money you can save each and every month.  But a unit that has to work extra hard to cool the home will have the opposite effect, increase energy use and money spend to cool the home to comfortable temperatures.  AC repair technician will check refrigerant levels to be sure your AC unit can cool your home efficiently this year to save money on energy bills.

Be smart this spring and schedule your yearly AC tune-up before the business and heat of summer sets in.  Protect your investment and guarantee your AC unit is able to keep you cool all season long.  Contact Comfort Experts today.