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Six Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Winter is one of the best times of the year when it comes to fun holidays and time with family and friends. However, winter is also the time when your energy costs can get rather high. Winter brings with it some cold times, and families will spend a lot of time indoors trying to stay safe and warm. This means that the heating system is going to be doing a lot of work. While your home may feel warm and comfortable thanks to the thermostat, there may also be a lot of energy being generated – and lost – in the process. This can show up as a very high energy bill, and let’s be honest, nobody wants one of those.

Fortunately, some of the most effective ways to save energy during the winter are also some of the least expensive. Here are six cheap and efficient ways to keep your energy bill in check during the cold season.

  1. Turn it off. While turning the heat off may not be an option, it is common to leave lights or other appliances running in rooms that are not being used, yet this can be one of the biggest drains on your home’s energy usage. If you have any rooms not being used or occupied, shut off its lights, and unplug any unused appliances.
  2. Close the door. If certain rooms are often empty, close the doors. This will keep the heat contained in the parts of the house that are used more often.
  3. Embrace solar power. The sun is a powerful resource in keeping warm during the winter. Pull back the curtains and let the sun work for your home. During the night or times when there isn’t very much sunlight, close the curtains to help keep any available heat-insulated within your home.
  4. Clear the vents. Sometimes heating vents can be blocked by furniture, curtains, or other objects, which can prevent heat from circulating properly. Check to make sure all of your vents are unobstructed and that they are working properly.
  5. Shower responsibly. Believe it or not, keeping your shower time short can boost your energy savings – showers make up two-thirds of a home’s water heating costs. Shaving a few minutes off your showers can save you a lot when your bill comes around. For best results, aim to keep your showers around the five-minute mark, and encourage your family to do the same.
  6. Dress warmly. Even when you’re indoors, it can help to wear long sleeves and comfy warm pants. This lets you lower your thermostat by a few degrees, which can put a nice dent in your heating bill.

Keeping your home warm when it’s cold outside is important, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Use these tips to help save energy during the winter, and not only will you feel the difference, but your energy bill will also look much better.