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Simple Steps To Lower Your Energy Bill and Prevent AC Repair

It doesn’t have to be complicated when you want to lower your energy bill and prevent AC repairs, and the primary steps are to change your filters regularly and have yearly services performed on the unit. However, there are a few other ways (that you may not know about) that will make a difference in how many AC repairs you’ll need over the years and how much you’re paying on your energy bill. If you want to lower the number of both of those, then check out the tips below.

Make Sure Airways Aren’t Covered

If you have long curtains, tables, chairs, or clothing tossed over airways, your unit isn’t going to cool the room as well. This may cause you to continually adjust the temperature to reach the desired comfort level, and your unit to work unnecessarily harder. Adjust your rooms so that airways are clear, and talk to an AC repair professional about what you can do to make your ventilation system more productive.

Don’t Use It if You Don’t Need It

If you have a large home with rooms that aren’t in use, then take the time to shut those off so that you aren’t spending the money and your unit isn’t exerting energy to cool them. Also, if it’s seventy-five degrees outside, and that’s your desired temperature, then give your unit a break and open a window, or simply turn it off when you aren’t at home. You can also invest in thermostats that let you control the temperature remotely so that you can adjust it in the most efficient way.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed When AC Is in Use

Most people have been yelled at during some point in their life about “cooling the whole neighborhood” because they leave the door open when the AC is on. Have a talk with everyone in the house about keeping windows and doors shut when the air conditioning is on so that it isn’t continually competing with the outdoor temperatures. Also, be mindful of cracks or small openings in windows and doors that you may not notice until you run your hand along with it and feel the draft. There are some simple fixes for air leaks like this at your local hardware store, and you can invest in new windows if the problem starts to make your energy bill rise.

Get the Pros Involved for AC Repairs

There are many projects around your home that are easy to DIY, but AC repair is not one of them. If your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, then take the time to find a reputable company that understands how to diagnose the problem and how to safely correct it. It can be dangerous to try and fix an air conditioner on your own because of the electrical components that all work together. One incorrect move and you could end up having to call in a pro and spend double the money.