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Reasons to Have a Furnace / Heater Tune-Up

Summer’s now turning into fall. The kids are back in school, local football teams are back in action on Friday nights, the days are getting shorter, and the weather’s turning cooler. Autumn and winter are on their way!

It’s also the time of year when heating and air conditioning professionals, like ourselves, start recommending that homeowners get their furnace and heating systems checked out before the cold sets in for the next few months. Many people, though, wonder if they really do need a furnace tune-up. They wonder if a tune-up is really worth the expense. What they’re not taking into account, however, is all the savings that expense is buying.

Saves Warranty

Most manufacturers’ warranties require that consumers properly maintain their HVAC systems in order to keep the warranties valid. This is perfectly understandable. After all, a warranty is in place to cover unpredictable defects that the machine might have, not to cover parts and equipment that breakdown due to poor maintenance and neglect.

Saves Energy

A heating system with any sort of airflow restriction will not run as smoothly, will use more energy, and will cost you more money. On the other hand, clean, properly performing heating systems work more efficiently. They require less energy to run and will keep you and your family warm all winter long, without running up an unnecessarily large electricity bill.

Saves You from Headaches and Frustration

The main thing a furnace and heater tune-up does is ensure that when you finally need it, your furnace will turn on and run properly. In Texas, the first really cold snap can happen anytime between September and Thanksgiving. If your furnace isn’t going to perform as it should, wouldn’t you like to know about that before you need it?

Saves Money

All of the above reasons are closely tied to this one. Since you only pay it on a monthly basis, you may not know it’s too high or thinks that you can do anything about it, but an inefficient HVAC system could cause you to overpay your electrical company by hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars each year.

In addition, having your system regularly inspected will prevent you from having to shell out thousands of dollars because your warranty was voided due to neglect, and can prevent costly — and preventable — repairs down the road.

Saves Lives

Perhaps the most important thing a tune-up does, however, is check for carbon monoxide leaks in your system. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that needlessly kills hundreds of people each year, and with the way that modern-day homes are so tightly sealed, carbon monoxide that leaks into your house can’t escape and puts you and your family at risk. (For more information, view this carbon monoxide fact sheet produced by Colorado State University.)

As you can see, the savings of having a winter furnace/heater tune-up far outweigh the expense. So, give yourself the peace of mind to know that your heater will function properly and your family will be safe this winter. To schedule your tune-up, contact us through this website or call us directly at 817-587-8859. We look forward to hearing from you.

(AND… if you’d like even more savings, mention this article and book your tune-up for the special rate of just $49.00!)