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Protect Your Air with an AC Repair

Many don’t know that the air quality in your home has a lot to do with how you care for your AC unit. Allergens and outside irritants will enter your home and stay in the air when you don’t perform those routine acts that keep your unit strong and healthy. If you don’t know whether to start with AC repair or cleaning your unit, here are a few tips to help ensure that the quality of air in your home is healthy.

Keep Up With AC Repairs and Maintenance

Your unit won’t work in prime condition and protect the quality of the air when you don’t keep up with AC repairs and yearly maintenance. Don’t wait until your unit simply isn’t functioning to call a professional in to make the necessary AC repairs. Call when you notice that your unit isn’t creating the airflow it should be, or if it’s making noises. The longer you put off these repairs, the more damage you’ll do, and the more allergens will enter your home. Getting yearly maintenance will prevent future repairs and put your mind at ease when the extreme temperatures sweep through.

Change and Clean Your Filter

Your filter plays a significant role in how many AC repairs you’ll have to have over the years, as well as the air quality. While there are standard times that you should change and clean your filter, be sure that you know what is right for your particular home. If you have pets or a large family, you’ll need to change it more frequently because of the amount of dander that will be in the air. Read the manual and ask the experts the best methods and timeframe for your AC unit, home size, and family size.

Allow Fresh Air to Circulate from Time to Time

When you have a cool evening to enjoy and your family is sitting outside anyway, you can turn your unit off, open the windows, and air out the house. Be mindful when you do this though because you don’t want your AC unit to have to work extra hard to reach your desired internal temperature when you go back inside. Spring and fall are great times to open those windows because you’ll only have to adjust your unit by a few degrees to get the temp where you want it.

Replace Your AC Unit When It’s Reached a Certain Age

Once your unit is about ten years old and you’ve noticed you start needing AC repairs more frequently, it might be a better financial decision to invest in a brand new unit. Not only will this save you money on future repairs, but it will improve your air quality because you’ll have cleaned ductwork and new technology that makes it easier to manage.

Manage Your AC Unit When You’re Not There

If you’re not home be sure you’re paying attention to temperature settings so that you aren’t overworking the unit for an empty home. By taking the steps above, you’ll have an HVAC unit that produces quality air, as well as keeps the temperature comfortable inside.