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How to Reduce the Cost of Running an Air Conditioner

Running an air conditioner in warm weather is a huge drain on your finances. The energy costs involved in running an AC can make up a large proportion of your monthly electricity bills. But there are steps you can take to keep costs down: keeping cooled air in your home, reducing the need to switch the air conditioning on, and keeping on top of general AC repair.

Reducing the Heat in Your Home

  1. When it’s sunny outside, your home is warmed by solar heat. As sunlight streams through your windows, it heats your home. Reduce the effect of this heat by installing window screens or window film to block out the solar rays.
  2. Save baking for cooler days. Don’t cook on a stovetop or in the oven if you can avoid it. Paying to heat the stove and the oven, and then paying again to cool the room using the air conditioning makes no financial sense. Get out of the barbecue, use the microwave, or don’t cook at all.
  3. Manage humidity. Humidity can increase the oppressive feel of high temperatures. Not cooking can help (boiling water on a stove is just one cause of humidity in the home), but also making proper use of a bathroom fan if showering or bathing can contain humidity at source and stop the moisture from permeating the entire house.
  4. Make every effort to keep windows and doors shut at all times. It makes no sense to let warm air in through your windows or an open door and having your air conditioning on to cool it. You are pouring money down the drain as your expensive cold air disappears into the environment.

Only Use the Air Conditioning When You Need It

  1. Keep an eye on your thermostat. If you use a program to automate when your AC comes on this will likely be saving you some money, but keep an eye on it. If you aren’t going to be in your property when you usually would be, override your program so the air conditioning doesn’t come on when you’re out.
  2. Use fans to help circulate air through the house. Ceiling fans can make the air temperature seem lower than it is. Also, you can put fans on the upper floor of your property and open the windows in the lower level to keep the air flowing and enjoy the cooling effect for a much lower cost than air conditioning.

Keep your Air Conditioning System Well Maintained

Annual service and regular checks can keep your system working well. An inefficient system is more expensive to run and worn parts mean more energy is needed. A general AC repair can be completed during the annual service if parts are worn down to prevent additional running costs later on.

Air conditioning is a necessity in very hot weather, but there are a number of steps you can take to reduce running costs. Keep on top of maintenance so your system is as efficient as it can be. Also making small changes to behavior can make a huge difference to your energy bills.