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How Does Rain Affect Your AC Unit?

Some spring and summer seasons may bring more rain than others.  When you are in the midst of a particularly rainy season, you may wonder how the amount of rain can affect your air conditioning unit.  While these units are designed to withstand the elements in the outside, there are some things to be aware of and pay attention to be sure your AC unit is well maintained and able to function at maximum efficiently all throughout the summer heat.

Corrosion to the Outside Unit

Higher than average rainfall can lead to more moisture getting into the AC unit.  Too much moisture can lead to corrosion and damage that may affect the efficiency of the unit. While your first instinct may be to cover up an AC unit to protect it from the rain, covering it up can actually trap more moisture inside and lead to more damage and possible corrosion.  The best thing you can do is leave your AC unit uncovered as it was made to withstand the weather.  If you are worried about the AC unit being affected to significant rainfall, turn to the professionals at Comfort Experts.  An experienced repair technician can perform an inspection to make sure everything is working as it should and nothing is damaged or in need of repair.  If they find something that needs to be addressed, they can fix it during the visit so your AC unit can function optimally all season long.

Flooding In the Area

If the rainfall is increased and rainfalls very quickly, it can lead to flash flooding in some areas.  Most of the time, this flash flooding isn’t enough to affect your property, but sometimes, a significantly higher than average rainfall can lead to flooding in the yard.  Standing water around the AC unit is never a good thing as water and electrical fixtures do not go together.  Usually, AC units are elevated on pads to keep them out of the way of standing water, but again, flooding can happen.  The general rule of thumb is to shut off power to your AC unit and keep it off if there is the flooding of more than a foot of water.  Once the water has receded, contact Comfort Experts ac repair technicians to evaluate your AC unit to be sure it is ready to turn on once again.

When In Doubt, Trust Your AC Unit to the Professionals

Most of the time, an AC unit is built to withstand the weather.  But if you are ever in doubt of the functionality of your unit, turn to the skilled and highly qualified ac professionals at Comfort Experts.  They can look for corrosion, check electrical parts, and perform a general maintenance inspection so that you can have peace of mind that everything is in working order.  Having your AC unit serviced regularly is also a great idea to maximize efficiency and increase the life of the unit.  Schedule your maintenance checkup today with Comfort Experts AC technicians.  We are happy to help!