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Help Clean Your Home’s Air… with Plants

We all want clean air inside our homes.  During allergy season, we tend to notice how clean or dirty the air is by how often we sneeze, how much we’re coughing, or how badly our eyes itch and water.  To keep the air quality in your home clean, your first line of defense is to consistently change your air filter as recommended by your unit’s specifications and your trusted AC repair technician.  Another natural way to enhance the air quality in your home is by buying some air-purifying plants.

It’s been said that certain plants have the ability to filter the air in your home by absorbing the dirty air through their pores and leaves.  These plants can be easily found at a local nursery or the gardening section of a home improvement store for just a few dollars.  They are quite the inexpensive buy for a natural air purifying system! Not only are these plants great to filter the air in your home, but they are also easy to take care of and great for decoration.

The Plants That Clean Your Air

The Chinese evergreen is one plant that is said to clean the air in the room with its many leaves and low maintenance.  The Chinese evergreen requires little water and light, making it perfect for a room in your house that has little natural light flowing through it.  The Spider plant is also said to be perfect for indoor, air-purifying use.  Spider plants are easy to grow and can absorb mold and other allergens in the air, along with small amounts of carbon monoxide that can come from your appliances.  Another easy-to-maintain plant that improves the air quality in your home is the Aloe Vera plant.  This plant can not only help filter the air in your house, but it is also great for cuts and burns.  The peace lily is another great option to clean your air naturally. It is said to feed off of mold, perfect for a bathroom or damp area of your home. The peace lily is also very easy to take care of and grows quickly with little effort or attention on your part.

Call the Experts on Air Quality for Your Home

Plants are a great way to keep the air in your house clean and also a great way to decorate.  Even with a couple of plants around your house, remember that they are not a replacement for your air filtration system within your HVAC unit. Make sure you are switching out your air filter regularly, and if you have any questions about how to do so or which air filters are the best for your home and unit, contact Comfort Experts. Our AC repair technicians are highly-trained, experienced, and professional, and they are always happy to answer your questions. Comfort Experts has been serving Texas for over 50 years, and we are experts on HVAC repair, air quality, and energy efficiency. Call us today!