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Heat Pump or AC Unit: Which One Is Best for My Home?

Installing a cooling system in your home is an important decision.  You want a system that will cool your house, keep you comfortable, and is efficient.  But there are many different options for installation.  Both a heat pump and an AC unit can cool a home in the summer’s heat, but which one is the best choice for your home?  Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.

Heat Pump

A heat pump works by taking the heat out of your home so that only cool air is left.  It essential pumps out the hot air, as the name suggests.  In the winter, a heat pump does the opposite and keeps the heat inside to help warm the home making it a system that can be used year-round.  This type of cooling system has its disadvantages, including that it is not as energy efficient and takes more energy to run.  Additionally, it is only ideal for mild temperatures as it has to work hard to heat or cool in more extreme temperatures.

Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioner also takes the heat out of your home.  It also cools the air coming into the home for comfortable inside temperatures.  But an AC unit is only designed to cool the home, not heat the home, which requires a separate system such as a furnace or boiler unit.  However, an AC unit is not as expensive as a heat pump to install.  It also tends to be more energy-efficient.  A lot of newer AC unit models are designed to be highly energy-efficient units that can lower monthly energy bills, work more efficiently, and last longer than older models or even heat pumps.  Less wear and tear on an AC unit increase the lifespan and saves more money over time.  AC units work in any temperature and can cool a home no matter how hot it gets in the summertime.

What to Consider

When you are weighing all the options, you want to consider several factors.  Where do you live?  Is it a mild climate or one that has harsh summer temperatures?  What heating options are available to you? Does the home already have a heating system in place such as a furnace?  How much are you willing to spend at one time for installation and also monthly on energy expenses?  Which unit is the most cost-efficient for your area?  After you have considered all these factors and made your decision, it’s time to move forward with the installation.  Comfort Experts AC repair and installation professionals can not only offer advice as you consider your options, but also provide high-quality installation and repair services at affordable prices.  To stay cool and comfortable all summer long, give Comfort Experts a call for all your cooling needs.  We are here to help and are available to answer any and all questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you!