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Common Reasons People Need an AC Repair

There are a lot of reasons that people need AC repair, and some of them are going to be unique to your region and your particular unit. However, there are some that are pretty common no matter where you live. If you start to notice that your HVAC unit isn’t working the way once did, then it may be time for an expert to come to diagnose any issues so that you can enjoy comfortable temperatures for the rest of the summer. Here are a few common reasons that people call in for an AC repair.

Strange Noises Are Coming from the Unit

There are some noises that are going to be normal when it comes to your AC unit, and you’re probably pretty familiar with those. However, when you start to hear strange noises that are loud or create a steady click, then it’s time to call in the AC repair crew. When these odd noises begin, it could be a small element that is an inexpensive fix. But the longer you leave it, the more that small part will affect larger (and higher-priced) elements.

Leaks or Frozen Elements Are Detected

There will be some normal condensation that occurs during the hot summer months, but if you start to see pools of water or notice that there is something frozen in your unit, then you’ll want to give this immediate attention. Frozen coils can result from not changing your filter enough or heavy debris invading the outside unit. Yearly maintenance from a quality air conditioning company will help prevent this from happening, and while they are there you can ask them what is a normal amount of water versus something that you should be concerned about.

The Airflow Is Non-Existent

If you find yourself walking to your vents to see if there is any airflow when your AC unit is running, only to find stillness, then you’ll want an AC repair pro to check it out. You may also notice that the thermostat temperatures aren’t accurate for the settings you have and the way it feels inside. If you notice that you have your thermostat set at 78 degrees, but the air coming out is as warm as it is outdoors, then you have a problem. The AC experts will let you know if it’s the thermostat or another factor that is causing these issues.

The Unit Is More Than Ten Years Old

The older the unit, the more AC repairs you’ll need and they range in reasons. Some HVAC units will be able to work for fifteen years or more, but you’ll find that they can come with a lot of repairs and cost a lot of time and money. A new unit will have the latest advancements in technology and be energy efficient which will save you on your energy bill. If you find that you’re continually calling for AC repairs because of an aging unit, take the time to find out your options for a new air conditioning.