Tips to Deal With AC Repair Issues

AC Repair Issues | Comfort Experts Inc.

When you’re experiencing consistent AC repair issues, an early replacement may seem like your only option. However, a bit of preventative maintenance can turn your bad luck around. Investing in your HVAC system’s prolonged care allows you to navigate through AC repair issues and helps you restore your system performance. Our professional team at Comfort […]

How Humidity Affects Your Air Quality

Humidity and Air Quality | Comfort Experts Inc.

Humid air can make you feel like you’re taking a hot shower outside with your clothes on. Unfortunately, that sticky feeling doesn’t remain outside when you head indoors. Humidity can actually enter your indoor HVAC system, where it infects your AC’s internal components with moisture-related air irritants and poor indoor air quality. Our experts at […]

What to Do When Your AC System Won’t Turn On

We have all found ourselves standing at our thermostat on a warm day adjusting the temperature. As with every other time we adjust the temperature, we know there will be a click or a buzz letting us know that cooler air is headed our way. But what if that reassuring noise doesn’t come? What do […]

Why Your Room Just Won’t Cool Down

In Fort Worth, TX, it’s vital to have a working air conditioning unit. If you’ve tried cranking up your AC but find your room or home still won’t cool down, you may have a problem with your air conditioner.  Broken AC Unit Of course, the most obvious culprit behind improper or weak cooling is a […]

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: What’s the Difference?

Heat Pump vs. Furnace There are several ways to heat your home, but there are two systems that use air movement to get the job done. We’re talking about furnaces and heat pumps. Each of these systems is a viable choice for your home heating so let’s discuss the pros and cons of each. Furnaces […]

How a Cool Home Will Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping Comfortably We may not be experts in sleep, but we are experts in comfort! And comfort is key to a good night’s sleep. That’s why we’re exploring how adjusting your home temperature will improve your sleep. The right temperature is what makes your home comfortable, and part of that comes with experimentation. Plus, it’s […]

Donate Toys & Receive a Free Tune-Up!

Toys for a Tune-Up As always, the Comfort Experts team is committed to doing everything we can to serve the members of our community. From delivering affordable, reliable home services to performing community service, we take great pride in serving those around us both on and off the clock. With the holiday season quickly approaching, […]

How to Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

How to Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit Your outdoor AC unit is large, bulky, and relatively unmovable. You may look at your unit and wonder: “Is there any way to hide this machine?” There is! You don’t have to have your AC unit out in the open. While it needs to be in an open […]