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AC Repairs You May Need This Summer

While it doesn’t quite feel like it just yet, summer will soon be here, and no one wants to be stuck without air conditioning during those hot summer months. For this reason, it is a good idea to start thinking about what AC repairs your unit might need before summer is in full swing.

Cleaning Condensation Lines

Dirt and debris can get into condensation lines while they have been sitting dormant all winter, causing these lines to back up. Backed up condensation lines lead to water leaks, and leaky air conditioners are not efficient air conditioners. Sometimes, water may even back up into your home. A simple cleaning of the condensation lines can easily fix this possible problem. Most AC repair service calls include a thorough cleaning of these lines to prevent any leaking. Call a professional for a routine maintenance check this year.Fan Belt AC Repair

Replacing or repairing a fan belt in an air conditioning unit is another simple fix that can save money and also improve energy efficiency. Over time, your fan belt will wear out, and a new one must be installed. A fan belt in need of repair may make a squeaking sound, or it may not. Calling a technician to perform routine maintenance on your AC unit will ensure that the fan belt is replaced if necessary. An experienced AC repair technician can make sure that you are not without air conditioning this summer.

Leaking Refrigerant

When your system is blowing out air but not cooling your home, it may be leaking refrigerant. Some homeowners may think that simply adding more refrigerant will fix the problem, but oftentimes there is a larger problem. The refrigerant line may be leaking and need proper sealing. An AC repair technician can make sure your lines are properly sealed, thus ensuring a cool home all summer. If your home is not cooling down and you suspect a leaky refrigerant line, call a technician for your AC repairs.

Major AC Component Repairs or Replacements

While it may not be something a homeowner wants to hear, sometimes an air conditioning unit may need a major part repaired or replaced. This can be a costly fix. However, it is not as expensive as buying a new unit, so it could be worth it. A technician will make sure to order and install the necessary parts in a timely manner. Performing spring maintenance on your AC units each year, while not guaranteed, may help reduce the chances of major part repairs or replacements. It is important that your unit is serviced and cleaned each year. Call a professional technician to help you stay cool this summer.